Reasonably priced spin bike

I have vector 3 power meter pedals but want to know what is the best cheapest but quietest indoor/spin bike I could stick the pedals on? Focus is on it being quiet ideally that you could still hear TV in same room (my downstairs space is open plan) and wouldn’t annoy people in my family if they were close by.

Basically want to zwift in the house as turbo trainer I use with trainerroad is in garage is very noisy and garage is too far from house for electricity/WiFi.

Key is something my wife could use too (Trojan horse way of training in the house) so turbo trainer with a bike is a no no

Thanks in advance

No specific recommendation, but make sure to check Craigslist, FB Marketplace and similar sources. People sell these for $200 or less in many cases, and they are often nearly new.

I have an original Schwinn Spinning bike I picked up used long before smart trainers were a thing. Quiet because resistance is felt pads on the flywheel so all you really hear is the drivetrain and easily adjustable. I don’t use it much anymore but my non-cyclist wife will jump on every now and again

You can check Ritecoupons. They have a huge collection of spin bikes. Luckily this is the best time to buy form there as they are offering Easter coupons that help you to save more.