Best, cheapest, DIY hacks for standing desk for laptop, tablet, etc

A new product that’s on the market for $50:

You have to adjust your fan position and the desk is a tad wobbly but it’s a pretty great solution at a 5th of the cost.

Maybe you got a different currency, but it is $90 USD, per your link and snapshot.

You know, I saw that. But from hour to hour the price seems to change on Amazon and it frequently drops back down.

Could do something like this that straddles your front wheel. Even can fold it up and put it away if you need to make space afterwards

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So you remove the bottom shelves to allow for tire clearance? It doesn’t need them for stability? Because this might be exactly what I want.

Exactly. With two shelves, one clearing above the bars, the second below. It wobbles a bit, but thats mainly down to being on a rubber mat on carpet. I’ve used it to store dumbells no issues.

It is really lightweight making it easy to adjust how far or close the “desk” is. Height can also be tuned in pretty well. The best part for me is that only my keyboard is blocking any air from the fan to face. Towels are easy to drape around the side poles out of the airflow but within reach.


I use this one, clipped to the sill of the window