Best chamois cream

Chamois But’r Euro style


Never that hot but I’ve done 5hr on the trainer in a little room that gets pretty hot and humid. Road bike and Tri shorts, no issues.

EDIT: I should note I have had issues in the past but I think it’s really only after I’m tweaking my position and get it wrong, or if I’m going longer than I’m really trained for. (Probably gets me some extra motion in the saddle towards the end.) It also helps that I do have a pretty aggressive position so maybe more weight on my hands vs. butt?

Went to buy some shammy cream about a year ago and almost choked on my homemade energy bar when I saw the price, so made my own. Very cheap, around $7 for what looks like a about a couple of years worth!

Shammy cream Recipe

4 oz (120g) shea butter
2 oz (60g) coconut oil
30 drops tea tree oil

  1. Melt the shea butter and coconut oil together in a pot.

  2. Remove it from heat and let it cool down to room temperature.

  3. Place in freezer for 20 minutes until the texture is hardened.

  4. Add tea tree oil and mix it together.

  5. Put the cream in the freezer again for 10 more minutes.

  6. Whip until a smooth texture is achieved.

  7. Place it in a jar for storage and enjoy testing it out

Has worked well for me. Didn’t have any tea-tree oil to hand so used some lavender oil.

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Noxema does the job for me, but I also really like the eurostyle Assos so I’d probably spring for that if I had the funds.



Slipstream Anti Chafe Sports Cream. Last year I had some bigs ride with long training rides and I found Assos and Chamois Butt’r weren’t helping. This cream (and TR) got me through the year: 25 hour Red Bull Timelaps on the trainer, 250 mile single day ride, week long 770 mile trip and multiple 100/150 mile training rides.

Little is more with this cream.

Aussie Butt Cream - for pain down under!!

Muc-Off’s chamois cream has worked well for me, from a functional perspective it’s doing the job. Having gone through two containers I’m really sick of the smell. It’s “gently perfumed” but smells like some grandmas perfume :smile:. Looking forward to finishing up my current container and try on another product.

I’m another Assos chamois creme fan too. I only use Assos shorts now, so it makes sense to stick with the chamois creme that would have been tested with those shorts. They are bloody expensive so I’d rather than ruin them with homemade chamois creme experiments!

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Assos seems to be the best out of all the ones i’ve tried… it seems to be the thickest also.

Chamois Buttr is our go-to! No affiliation. Just best product we’ve found, all things considered.

Michelle and I have tried virtually everything, including Assos, Noxzema, and virtually everything else mentioned in this list. For us, it beats them all, if used in the quantities we use it in. (copious) We haven’t tried veloskin, but Chamois buttr does so well we’re pretty set on it.


Noxzema is my go to. cheap and not too thick. also has antimicrobial and healing properties.

Assos. I tried Endura Chamios Cream once and was so dissatisfied I left a review on wiggle which contained the phrase “sitting is no longer an option”.


I had it once because that was the only thing available. I can’t think there was anything special about it though.