Best Bike Split Users: Garmin Power Targets + Navigation?

Hello all,

I have a gravel century coming up and I was hoping to use the BBS ConnectIQ app to display power targets on my Edge 530. I also need to have course navigation as the course will have little to no physical markers. It seems that the power targets completely replace any waypoint information and the only way to navigate would be to keep the map screen up the entire time. I set up my data fields and ride profile as BBS recommends on their site, but no mention of navigation that I’ve found. Is there a configuration or a particular file type to get around this? Or am I best served just taping the cheat sheet to my stem and sticking to the RidewGPS course?

Thanks in advance!

Will you have a course loaded? If so, you should get the turn by turn directions. So you could load the power page and then the navigation prompts will come up over the top when turns are upcoming.

I failed to mention I ran a test course this weekend and the BBS Garmin power course file loads like any other .fit course file. So while riding with the power course file loaded I confirmed that it wasn’t giving me any turn-by-turn navigation, then I tried loading the route separately to which my Garmin notified me that the current course would be replaced. It seems I can only do one or the other.

Ok, sorry. I don’t use BBS so I can’t help on that part.

You’re on a 530. I just went from a 530 to an 840, so I could get some of the power strategy features. With the Garmin power guide, there’s a great screen that shows the power targets and map profile. But, that does mean using the Garmin features with a course.