BePro. Worth it?

I was considering a set of Favero Assioma for indoor and outdoor work, but attention was drawn to someone selling the older BePro dual sides pedals. Would these be worth it, or am I better paying x2 for the newer version, new?

I went for the assiomas, I would not go for the older model - the assiomas got plenty of upgrades and they seem to be one of the most popular PMs going, which I think speaks volumes.

Yeah, probably the safer option. Just saw they were £300 for dual, so wondered if worth the punt…

Unless you want added metrics the uno is also fine, I have not needed a dual sided. Think that the power on these is not as accurate as the vendors would have you believe.

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My Be Pro S battery is fine after 3+ years but as it’s a sealed rechargeable battery I be tempted to get the Assimoas rather than risk it.

Get the new Assioma. I have the Duo, and found i am 50%-50% on balance so i technically do not need the duo, but i have them and i do check i still have balance and some of the other metrics pedal efficiency etc.
The one thing i found is they do not like to be stored in the winter in a Cold garage. The battery failed, got new pedal under guarantee. I remove them over the winter and charge them every 2 months just to keep them healthy. No problems for the past 3 years. In normal use the Assioma battery life is way longer than the BePro and is way better designed and lighter etc.

Accuracy is actually the biggest selling point of the Duo over just measuring one leg’s power, no?

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