Belgian Waffle Training Plan

I signed up for BWR 2020! Just singed up for trainer road for a better riding plan. I selected gran fondo, but I wasn’t sure if rolling road race would be better? All of the sessions are interval rides, but nothing is over 90 min. I plan on being in the saddle for 9-10hrs. Anyone have advice on modifications I could make to the Trainerroad generated riding plan?


Here are some existing threads from the prior season, that may be helpful:

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You have 16 weeks till BWR. Probably best to use the Plan Builder feature.

If I didn’t have that and I was coming off of a moderately active Nov + December

SSB MV1 2 weeks
SSB MV2 6 weeks
Sustained Power Build 8 weeks

If you were coming off of a dead Nov + December

SSB MV1 6 weeks
SSB MV2 6 weeks
General Build 3 weeks
Taper Week

Either way, I’d make sure to substitute a Sunday indoor ride with significant hours in the saddle and focus on figuring out your on bike nutrition.


Depends on many factors. Specifically, what kind of fitness and saddle time you have up till now. You need time in the saddle if you want to do the entire waffle route! I wouldn’t worry so much about speed or hard efforts, I would focus on getting comfortable in the saddle and nailing down nutrition and timing.

@elysianbike this is a great option for general preparedness. This will get you ready.

Plan builder is fantastic for helping you meet your goal.


Thanks for the feed back. I have been getting rides in each week. Have done 2 centuries in the past 6 months. I know I need more.
I’ve played with the plan builder for gran fondo and for rolling road race. They don’t incorporate long rides into the schedule though. Everything is 90min or less. I’d probably just take out one of the hard interval days for a long day on the road.
My goal is just to finish the Waffle. 10hr or less.

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