Belgian Waffle Ride - Cedar City, Utah 2020

Hey guys. I just saw this thread and tried to view the “BWR Waffle Final Course” and it is private. Did anyone happen to download or save the course that they could share?? I’m riding in it and would love some insight. Thanks!!

It looks like they are set to public again, but in case its changed to private again I saved copies to my profile:

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I had a bunch of teammates doing this, so I just signed up. Now that I’m in, they will probably cancel it tomorrow…

Anyway, I’ve done road racing (no stops) and some gravel racing (60-100 milers) and wondering how fueling/hydration strategy for BWR differs since it’s really a hybrid road/gravel thing. Is it best to max out hydration with a hydration pack to avoid losing the pack at support stops or do groups generally make some stops?