Belgian Waffle Ride - Cedar City, Utah 2020

what tires are you running and how are they treating you?

Maxxis rambler 40’s. I’ve got some 38’s also and I think either would be fine. We checked out the sandy sector driving this afternoon and it’s a few miles with a handful of pretty bad spots. My buddy got out and rode that section on 38’s and put a foot down a couple times, but it’s all doable. I have not seen anything on the course that’s too extreme, but that fact that it all happens over 125 miles will make for a pretty extreme day. I’d err on the side of more rubber, the single track at the end will require some attention that far into the race.

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Correction from earlier post - in my original pre-ride of the last 20 miles of the course, we had a bad route loaded and missed the hardest part of the climb. We rode it today and it’s much tougher than what I previously reported. I still think 38’s are fine, but you’ll want all the gearing you can get on that climb. It’s pretty loose and steep. I couldn’t stand and keep traction, so forced to sit and grind a really low cadence with 1:1 gearing. It was hard with fresh legs, it’s gonna be really tough with over 100 miles in the legs.

I’m sick with jealousy. Have a marvelous time!

Really fun race and crazy strong field. Keegan Swenson rode almost the entire race without a front brake and won in a sprint finish against Peter Stentina. A bunch of other big names for the men and women and just a lot of really strong amateurs. They had a lot of things in place to mitigate covid risk, but the racing felt pretty normal. Riding the neutral start section with face masks was almost a bonus with the cold temps.


My mask/neck gator came in handy on the dusty sectors too!
Such a fun event, hopefully they do it again and again. That late climb was tough but rideable, I loved the single track section, such a nice finale! I rode 40’s which were perfect for the majority of that course.

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Did you wind up running the 28s and how did that go?

Since I didn’t go to Utah (looks like it was amazing!), I did a mega ride on my own to cap the year off in style.

Check out my activity on Strava:

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If anyone did that course on 28’s, I am pretty sure they did some walking. You could have picked your way through the single track on 28’s, but I don’t think you’d make it through some of the sandy or really loose sections. Lots of gravel sections where you would be much faster on a wider tire and there was not too much road where a narrower tire might be an advantage. 38-40 was a good choice.

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I had signed up to do the ride and can only fit 28’s on my bike…I ended up getting scared when they unveiled the final route and ended up deferring my registration to 2021. I am hoping to have a grave bike by then.

Ha! Thanks, I’ve been wondering about this. i hope it works out for both of us next year!

Is anyone doing BWR Cedar City in 2021? I singed up for 2020 but ended up deferring my registration to 2021 because I didn’t get a gravel bike in time. I got a gravel bike and super excited to do BWR this year and was wondering if anyone that did it last year was planning on doing it again?

I’m thinking of doing Cedar City as well. I originally signed up for SD last year which got postponed then this year the date has changed. Unfortunately the new date in July conflicts with another race I signed up for so hopeful I can transfer to the Utah location.

I deferred last year’s entry to this year but I’m not sure about whether I can make the 2021 Cedar City date. Not really sure what to do or if one of the other BWR events will work for me. Just waiting for now, to see if the situation clarifies itself at all.

Also still waiting on my Revolt to arrive!