Beet Juice vs Caffeine What has more benefits?

Caffine is real, beet juice is a placebo. So both work.

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This is N=1, but I’ve never noticed an increase in power or a reduction in RPE with beet juice and I’m taking 800mg of concentrated nitrate.

Caffeine is a total game changer. In the long races you can go from a RPE of 8-9 to an RPE of like 6-7 if you take 400mg. My best power numbers have come from high caffeine days.

I think I get the most benefit on long stuff that hurts, rather than all out stuff.

That being said I take beet juice in late night races where I wouldn’t take caffeine.


Tell that to someone having a heart attack.

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Why is this one or the other? Just drink UNBEETABREW - The World’s First Beet-Infused Performance Coffee :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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We can speculate, I am not aware of any study combining them both , but I think you got to put it into perspective.

Both have documented performance enhancements but nitrate has less effect on well trained people. Feeling an effect of 1-3% is pretty hard compared to untrained where the enhancements have had higher meassurements.

Caffeine play mind tricks :slight_smile: But the tricky part with caffeine is that there are 3 different genotypes that responds differently to caffine. Inone genotype there is not uncommon to see decline in performance when using caffeine.

So studies becomes really tricky when you compare them to each other. They dont take into account the genotype in the studies, so one group in one study can randomly have a majority that are high respondera to caffeine, the other study vice versa… then throw in beet juice to the mix, training history etc and it starts to get complicated :slight_smile:

So back to the original question… I dont believe they will take one or the other out, but likely many of us are fit enough for beet juice to have a really small gain where caffeine regardless play mind tricks and can push you a bit harder, fit or unfit :slight_smile:



So after the nitrate and caffeine negate each other, you’re left with a $50 bag of mushroom water.

I’ll pass, thanks.



Thanks i got the recipe will try it thanks again

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Aaaaaand the answer is what? Did you notice a difference? And confirm that you did not ingest caffeine during your preloading or during the race.

Thanks for the links will read them in just a few thanks again!!

Thanks!! I will try your system. In my long races I have only taken 75mg caffeine. I guess I need to increase my dosage. Thanks again for the quick response.

Interesting, Thanks for the response!!

Lol Alpha Dog has got jokes

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Thanks for the response

Yikes!!! thanks for the response

Thanks for the response, What about Beta Alanine are you taking that as well?

Thanks for the tip. I’m a US expat living in Spain rhubarb is not common I will look and see if it is available and give it go. Arugula should not be a problem. Thanks again

Thanks I hear ya, the caffeine gels. They are distinctly different tasting thanks for the quick response. Just a follow up question. I like the longer XCM and ultra distance XCM. What did you do during Cape Epic, when you where in the saddle for extend periods? And congrats with all your accomplishments Cape Epic is also a huge accomplishment as well!!

Thanks!!! I just read the articles and got sidetracked on some other related studies. Very good and informative. Thank you.

Nate are you saying 400 total, or 400 per hour, or what?

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