Beer before trainer

Tried this yesterday, it kind of sucked. I only had one beer for lunch then tried to ride Beech. Rather than enjoying the ride all I could think about was having another beer.

Anybody else ever do this successfully?

This sounds like a terrible idea.


I wouldn’t drink before a workout but that’s just me.

That sounds horrible.

Struck out 3 times, no more 1+ hour aerobic rolls home for me!

Checking my past rides I have 8 that mention beer. Five of those were beers before and 80% of those were not so pleasant according to the comments on the rides.

The one outlier

I have since learned that, no, a workout or tough ride is not the best way to get rid of a buzz. If I know I’m going for a ride, later that day, I have no beer beforehand.

Beer after a ride is a reward. Before? Only a curse.

Uh… wrong way around :bike::beer::+1:t3:


I play golf every Saturday morning and occasionally have a couple of pints afterwards. Generally manage to train later on with no problems.

I don’t make a habit of it though.

Once had 3 pints of Guinness after lunch and trained 4 hours later with no issue at all. If anything my RPE was down slightly. That said wouldn’t normally do it at all.

Had beer before easy workouts before without problems…may have had one during once just to see what would happen. Nothing, but quenching thirst for those curious.

In the summer commuting home after 2 pints (particularly cider) generally results in power records, enough sugar to burn whilst the alchool masks out the pain of working hard. Anymore and the bike gets moved to the server room overnight to collect the next day

Sounds to me like you already know how to solve this problem.

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