Beef between Justin Williams and Travis McCabe

Or they just got tagged riding together because they rode the same event and you follow them both….that’s how that works


I think the beef is over……


Good on Justin and Cory going 1-2.

Looks like Travis finished 7th. Will be interesting to see how the other races go

If they can make crit racing main stream in the US it’s a success


This is an awful take


It’s the take the rest of the world hold (who are collectively sniggering at this handbag fight).

Sorry to burst your bubble.


Dude, who cares.

I like all cycling and want to see it all become more popular. If it takes a bunch of meathead crit racers arguing on IG, then I’m all for it.


We get it.

EuRopE RuLzz, aMeRiCa DrOoLZz.



I have friends from Europe. They’re cool. I’m from the States, and I know people who are cool here.

I shudder to think what people on the board here think of BMX racing. :roll_eyes:


I live in New Zealand.

But yeah, if you’re going to splinter off another sport and hype these guys up then any criticism is totally deserved.

These guys have no desire to be on the World Tour because they’d get torched by Sam Bennett and Caleb Ewan et al.


The 1990s? :joy:

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The 90s were great! So is BMX’ing. Most former BMX’ers I know have savage sprints.

Also, can we downvote people for being pompous… ?


Yeah probably, but no one in the US knows who Sam Bennett or Caleb Ewan are. Sending Americans to Europe to race Sam and Caleb doesn’t help grow the sport of cycling in America. Twitter beefs and jersey dramas are what Americans love to see. Have you ever seen ESPN? It’s drama drama drama.


Sure, I mean, that’s fun and these guys are doing good things for the sport, but if I were a US cycling fan I’d be demanding more UCI events at home in the US to test these guys against the best.

It’s like starting some domestic Tennis hype-comp where games only have 2 sets, your own majors, everything and totally ignoring that Nadal, Federer, Djokovic, Wimbledon and Roland Garros exist.

Dunno, this US crit racing just gives off so much of this energy:


I mean, we had Lance… lol

Road racing is basically dead in the US. Trying to do the same old tactics (UCI races, EuroPros, teams with different names every year) to grow cycling in America clearly doesn’t work. I give credit to L39ION and other cohorts for trying a new approach, even if it seems gaudy or tacky to a worldwide audience.

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All good points.
You could look at a model like Cricket has.

The biggest market is India (by far) and similarly they needed a new product to captivate the market.
They went for a shorter format (~2 hour game) and called it the “Indian Premier League”

Difference is, they found a window in the international calendar that worked then made space to invite the world’s best players to participate.

In a cycling context, I guess if you made a window for crit racing in the calendar and invited some world tour teams to compete, or even better hold a ‘draft’ where some riders can be auctioned to US ‘Premier Crit League’ teams that would be cool.
The World Tour teams could be convinced by taking the auction proceeds. Would solve some of the viability / sponsorship issues for the World Tour teams.


Is the rest of the world that insecure that we are enjoying our domestic crit scene?


That sounds like it could be an interesting approach, a good creative route.

Something else that’s problematic to developing US talent is the distance/time zones. In other sports like soccer, I’ve read a lot of articles about teenagers have to move to Europe to join the academy/club to train, but they don’t do well mentally because they’re far from home, few friends/family, and miss out on their youth. I wonder if the US Crit and gravel scenes were built up with occasional appearances by top WT pros, if it would help build a better foundation and create stronger local training environments where US riders could stay at home and still progress to a WT level, then make the geographic jump when they’re over 18.

Yeah, but those are the same issues that any athlete in any global sport from Australia or New Zealand faces to be fair and the timezones/distance are far harder to manage :man_shrugging: