Becoming more aero, and faster


I think windspeed is a big gamechanger. When i ride a loop with a lot wind, i need more power to get a high speed. I think it comes through because of you need more power with headwind, and you dont get it back with tailwind.

Only with low windspeed i have the ability to get 20mph with <190w.

No question. Just this graph is so interesting and cool. The one time I did some shreds in a wind tunnel my estimated CdA was 0.24. Which lines up almost perfectly with my historical power/speed in the past it’s uncanny. The only bummer is there is just no hope of TTing well at 0.24 it seems. I will have to work on getting leaner I think to reduce that frontal area.

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Cycling is a cardio sport, not strength. Normally i ride around 90 and when iam going under 85, it feels to low rpm and more difficult to hold the power high.

20 mph is 32km/h not 36km/h😀

Pretty good. On my recumbent , in terrain averaging 10m climb per km. It takes 140-150w to hit 20 mph average.


May I ask how much you weigh?

I weigh 71kg

Hm then something seems to be a little off between our power meters.
Did just yesterday 80km with 800m elevation at 27km/h with 192np and I’m at 67 kg

What recumbent do you have?

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Fully understand. Did the same loop today but, in rain and on the TT bike. I seem to self select 81/82 at low and high power (for me). Works well. At a national level criterium in June I was close to 90…I think for us amateurs it’s kinda you do you and I’ll do me. Whatever gets the power…

Your ftp needs a bump :+1:


TP sent me a notice! :call_me_hand:

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On criteriums my rpm is a way lower than training… I think because of the peloton…dunno

I sure can be averaging all the zeros if you race well which it sounds like you do. I definitely keep the cadence higher in crits and racing in general to reduce the torque and save the legs. These short rides I’m posting are just a small slice of me and probably not necessarily normal. I crashed a couple weeks ago and perhaps that’s affecting how I ride? I’m totally guessing though…Scanning longer rides it looks like my cadence is a bit higher. Just under 90.


Yes i dont count zero’s rpm

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Updated fit video. I put my 120mm stem back on after experiencing upper back and shoulder fatigue with the 130mm -17° that I had tested.

As you can see, when I rest my forearms on the tops my elbows are almost touching. This is the only way I can get my back close to parallel (aero) with the road surface, otherwise I’m really tall on the bike, even when trying to be in a semi-aero position on the hoods—which isn’t aero at all. I think this is 100% the factor in why my speed is so low compared to my watts.

Finding a larger frame that has what I want is going to be a “long” search.


Sorry, I missed the recumbent part :roll_eyes:
I wonder if it’s harder to produce watts on a recumbent due to core contribution but this is too off topic here :wink:

Sample of 1 but my recumbent ftp and road bike ftp are within 10 watts of each other.

I think you sitting to short…
You say that 130mm give upper back and shoulder fatique…but how long do you try it and do you do some core strength? You have to push your upperbody to the front.

I rode the longer stem for 10 days or so and was not comfortable. I felt a lot more fatigue in my arms and shoulders, as though they were supporting more of my weight.

I may put it back on and commit to a longer period. I do a fair amount of core work, (as well as upper body strength training) so I’m not concerned that it’s a core strength issue. More just from engaging muscles I haven’t with a shorter reach.