Beaten by centimeters after a long range attack


I’m just finishing Short Power Build and feeling reasonably good. Racing this morning in C grade (Lansdowne in Sydney) where I’ve not had a result in years I managed to get a reasonable position on the prime lap after 25 mins of racing. It’s often possible to win here by breaking with about 500 to go but today I went earlier at the start of the gentle climb about 1k out (it’s a 2k circuit).

The first peak in the graph is my positioning move around the corner, I cruised up the outside of the pack and then hit about 750w to break away. I managed to peak again at almost 600w on the next corner and then 500w for the last part of the hill. I looked back and saw no-one so put my head down and gave it all I could along the final straight which dropped steadily from 350w to 250w. I looked back a few times and saw one rider approaching 20m or so behind me but then, just before the line saw another rider right on top of me. You can see my final lunge just before the line but it was all for nothing, he got me by the width of my hand.

Almost. There’s always next week. Still a great result for me, best effort I’ve managed in a race for a while and I managed to maintain position for the rest of the race. The final sprint was a bit too much but i was just outside the top 10.

I think I’ll take a break this week and then start on some more of the short power workouts, it seems to be doing just what I need.



Well done! Sounds like a tough finish!! Only mistake you made was looking back:-P