Baxter Cadence Range

Just done Baxter -2 on a smart trainer in resistance mode. I ended up using a cadence range of between 103 and 118 to keep the power on target. My natural cadence is between 100-103. I was though expecting to need a larger range of cadence, rather than the ~15rpm I needed. In Chad’s commentary I seem to recall that he talks about finding a gear where you can range between 90 and 120 rpm.

I was using a Kickr Core with a gear ratio of 34-17, i.e. small chain ring and middle of an 11-28 cassette, and the Kickr in Standard mode Level 3.

Is this normal, or have I got something wrong in my setup (either gearing or resistance level)?

The power differentials in Baxter-2 aren’t as big as in Baxter. The workout text recommendation was probably written for Baxter and just carried into the -2 version.

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Thanks. I hadn’t spotted that.

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