Base-Base-Base,... or Base-Build-Build-Build....?

One thing to think about is that you’ll be weaker for the weekend battles if you are constantly cycling through build.

I’d design a season where you base-base-build-peak and then try to hold it from say May to August. Through the season lower volume so that you stay fresher and less fatigued. Keep maybe one day of intensity through the season to stay sharp. Your Saturday smash fest will be your other day of intensity. The rest of the riding should be endurance or recovery riding.

Yes that’s quite scary :sweat_smile: I might confess to throwing in a weekly ZRL race to my current base 1 block to keep things interesting. It replaces the mid-week endurance. I always find these ‘fork in the road’ discussions on the forum interesting, especially when to return to base and which base!

it’s all about the base!


Good point. It’s very easy to wear yourself out. Build is ok, but I learnt the hard way, and ended up having a month to recover ,just doing easy ,and z2 rides.
Sweetspot base is great and is hard enough to raise your FTP, and be able to thrash your mates

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Well, seeing all replies, I think I am going to do SSBase Mid Volume II–>SSBase Mid Volume II, and then see gains, feeling, etc…and see if do a Build plan, or repeat agaaaaain SSBase Mid Volume II.

Sunday friends,…I’m gonna crush you :partying_face: :partying_face: :partying_face: