Bar tape like Lizard Skin DSP

Can anyone recommend me some bar tape with a similar feel to Lizard Skin DSP but with better durability.

I just bought some supacaz super sticky kush based on recommendations from a teammate and doing a “test feel”. Silly name, but feels a lot like Lizard Skin and the reviews say it’s really durable. I just received it today and have not even installed it yet, but hoping it works well based on reviews and my quick test. I love the feel of lizard skin when new, but it goes to crap in a hurry. I tried just going with a cheap alternative and it’s just too slick when it gets wet from rain or sweat.

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I ended up ordering some Supacaz super sticky kush, should be here this Friday.

I got mine installed and did ~100 miles on Saturday. It was over 100 degrees and humid, a total sweat fest. It’s super grippy with soaked gloves and sweaty hands, love it. Also, it seemed very solid when I wrapped the bars, much less stretchy than Lizard skin (which I always felt like I needed to be careful not to stretch it too much). I’m hoping it holds up and keeps its feel.

I hated supacaz. I didn’t think it felt anything near as nice as lizard skin.

It also was much harder to install.

Bar tape is certainly a personal choice, kind of like saddles and shoes. The supercaz is certainly tackier/stickier. I think I prefer the feel of it to lizard skin, but I’d like to get some time on it before passing too much judgement. It seems like it should be durable, but I’ll be surprised it it stays this tacky.

I was a long time lizard skin user and I like the feel when new, but I find the durability terrible. Pic below is maybe 6-8k miles on my backup bike. The white-ish section on the bar top is where the first layer wears away and shows the fabric underneath (that starts within 2-3k miles). The black section near the hoods is wear through the top layer, through the cloth layer, and down to the base. I don’t really care that it looks like crap within a couple months, but you lose all the feel once the top layer is gone.

Bontrager Grippytack lasted 2 years for me on the road and trainer with minimal wear, though it did lose some of its tackiness after a year it didn’t shed nearly as bad as some other similar tapes I’ve seen. FWIW I don’t ride with gloves