Bakers Cyst and knee pain

I am having some pain in my left knee. I play basketball and ride. I have been fit by a professional also.

I am noticing what appears to be a bakers cyst on my left leg. I can train through the pain but a hard week of training will make even light riding hurt. So I have determined a need to take a few really light weeks and see if this will help solve my issue. I rode 3 hours Sunday and had minimal pain while riding, managed to have my best ride of the year numbers wise. But when I rode Monday my knee was sore when I went to bed.

Am I over reacting by shutting down for a few weeks?

With all the racing being pushed by, I figured getting this knee 100% would be the best decision.

If it is actually a Baker’s cyst there is likely a reason for that. Majority are caused by meniscus tears. With this down time you may want to get it checked. In case something needs to be addressed. You can take care of it during this time.

I had a tear 3 years ago when I wasnt riding.

Might be time for a ortho apointment?

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knees are crazy, I’d go see a doctor. if it’s a bakers they can drain it if need but or it goes away with rest; but, I’d see a professional and establish that relationship

I spoke to Ortho yesterday. Sounds like light duty for a few weeks. Ice after riding and take advil. If its still acting up in a few weeks told me to come in.

Called the fitter and he is going to review data to see if we are causing problems in that area

I can commiserate with you. A couple years ago I did my 1st outdoor ride in spring with a fair amount of climbing. I did experience a little bit of knee pain, but continued my cycle training indoors and also continued treadmill running. Aching continued intermittently, but a few weeks later I road on a Saturday and walked 18 holes of golf on Sunday. That Sunday night I ended up going to the ER due to acute pain and calf swelling. I was concerned about a deep vein thrombosis. Ultrasound showed a 9x7x1cm fluid filled mass in my calf— ruptured Baker’s cyst. Was off the bike for about 11/2 weeks, but have not stopped riding in the last almost 2 years. Unfortunately my running days are over for good. MRI showed almost no medial meniscus and other changes consistent with osteoarthritis. Orthopod told me to forego the lunges and he didn’t really have to tell me to stop running. I had already figured that out. He also indicated that at some point the next step would be a total knee replacement. The good news is very little discomfort related to riding or after a ride and I continue to do some weight lifting at the gym when I’m not quarantined. To my knowledge, I never had a previous knee injury… but I’m 67 and I guess the parts wear out.
My point: unless it’s you livelihood, dump the basketball. And by the way, recent studies have shown that intrarticular steroid injections may ease discomfort and swelling but also seem to accelerate the degeneration of the joint!
Enjoy the ride.

Thank you.

No basketball due to keeping distancing but I think im going to pump the brakes on it. I enjoy the games, but it causes nagging injuries.

I did a gym session on friday and my legs are sore, but over all my knee is feeling better from the week off. I am taking this week off the bike also. Just gym and walking the dog, ill increase the dog walking from 2 to 4 miles a day. No tightness when I went to bed last night, so thats a positive.

Good to hear. Hopefully back to (the new normal) real soon.

Not getting better, now just riding slow hour till I see doctor.

So sorry! Can be very upsetting. Hopefully if you have a medial meniscus tear, with continued down time things will quiet down and symptoms will abate soon.

Baker cysts are usually secondary to other knee pathology, degenerative meniscal tear, or osteoarthritis. Often with activity modification, short course of anti-inflammatory medications symptoms resolve. I have a Baker’s Cyst
due to old osteoarthritic knee, s/p prior knee surgeries. It does not cause me
any problems, occasional feeling of tightness behind knee, helped by stretching my hamstrings. Hope you get better, I am 66, and have lived my adult life with a bum knee.

I have to wait to see the doc. Guess just wait it out. Life goes on