Bag lunch suggestions

Ok so I get serious on dec 1 and this year I’ve decided to look at my nutrition.i think I have breakfast,dinner and snacks figured out. What I need is what to do about lunches. I work construction and eat in my work van typically drive from job to job and nor do not have access to a way to heat food up. So what is your favorite go to for a cold lunch


Hummus and veggies, boiled eggs for protein boost.

Look for low calorie bread if you decide to make sandwiches. I am a volume eater, don’t do well with calorie dense foods (I eat too fast), and this has made a difference. Two slices of bread are 70 calories.

My go to lunch is a kale/spinach salad with all manner of veggies. I add cold wild rice and sunflower kernels as well. If you’re pre-making it it might be a good idea to keep the sunflower kernels and dressing separate so things don’t get soggy. Keep the salad in a ziploc and you can shake the bag to mix everything together nicely.

On hiking trips I’m a fan of avocados, they’re easy and mess free to eat out of the “shell”; just don’t forget a spoon (I always forget a spoon and eating avocado with a hunting knife is always a little sketchy).

Wild caught tuna or sardines in the can or foil envelope are also a good idea.


If you are eating in a van with other people you may want to stay away from fish and cooked broccoli (and other cruciforious veggies). Just a thought…

But if I have a PM workout or a workout during lunch and am eating a recovery meal, brown rice and beans are my go to. I also like to prep a taco salad with rice, corn, salsa, beans, and tofu then add chopped salad later.

If you are driving between jobs a wrap with Ezekiel wraps or a sandwich with their bread would be good too

Normal work lunch for me is some form of sandwich, often ham and mustard. Sometimes with a plain bagel as I find them much more filling. With a black coffee or a banana this can stay under 400/500 calories for the meal.

Once a week/fortnight I will cook Lentil daal and take leftovers to have at work. I tend not to add the potato though as it’s not really necessary for that recipe. Surprisingly low calorie, filling and satisfying.

Tuna sandwich, banana, coffee.

If you’re in construction bear in mind how much you need to fuel your job as well as training.

I’d consider walking with lunch too, for general health and posture.

I try to eat plenty in the morning too, boiled eggs a favourite at the moment.

Maybe salad?
No need to warm))
I take often make this recipe - Ricotta salad

I am looking at this myself. I am one for Sandwiches and eat too much bread. Anyone got any additional s to whats above?