Average HeartRate

Today I finished a 70 mile ride, once we all stopped we checked out stats and I noticed that avg HR was 155 and everyone else had an avg between 130 and 120.

Why is this and how can I lower my avg HR?

We were all going at the same pace 90% of the time.

Pace and HR can’t be compared across different people.


Average heart rate is irrelevant unless you all have the same max heart rate, fitness level, FTP and watts per kilogram.

However, assuming all things are equal it suggest your mates are a bit fitter than you, or you were on the front doing all the work.

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HR only makes sense when you track it for a long time and identify variables that influence it. Maybe you were tired, it was to hot, or maybe your HR operates in different zones.


The reason is that you are all different people, you have different heights, weight, limb size,vision, hair color, shoe size … and hearts, of different sizes that beat at different rates …

Comparing hear rates is even more futile than comparing power meters, if you all go for a ride together, you will need differnt amounts of energy, different liquid consumption, have different rest breaks, and differnt heart rates

The 220 - age to get you max heart rate is a myth, I’m 50 and have a max of 190, most hard rides I have a average of 160, going for a walk is about 100 - 110


I don’t agree, all it implies is that they have different hearts