Comparing heart rate vs other people

Is there anything useful to learn comparing your heart rate vs other people with similar ftp at different intensities and learning how to train? Or is just one of those things that you shouldn’t worry about? I assume its the 2nd lol

Person A 200w 1hour hr 125avg
A 300w Ftp1hour hr 175avg

Person B 200w 1hour hr 135avg
B 300w Ftp 1hour hr 175avg

Person A is naturally slow twitch tall lean, B Bulkier shorter naturally quicker at shorter distances same max heart rates similar weights. Does this mean Person A could benefit more from higher intensity work or building more type II and B needs to work on more lower intensity type I fibres?

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yea don’t worry about it. it’s specific to each person and can also vary on the day based on external factors.


Absolutely no benefit comparing one person to another with respect heart rates. It’s entierly individual.