Auditory cues increase cadence

I found this study interesting:

If you ignore the parkinson’s aspect it would seem like using cues could help increase cadence biking for indoor training which would improve our workouts.

How to implement this? Would seem good only want the cue during the hard part of our workouts and not during rest. Trainer road didn’t have that now I think for this party told to get info out of the app while it’s running even if you used a tool to use the screen reader functionality to spy on the app

Would love a metronome or even a music playlist to help me maintain the right cadence.

Having a music play list is relatively easy. Find 180 bpm music on Spotify or whatever bpm is x* your target rpm where x is an integer. Two major improvements could be made:
1> Make this easier to do. Trying into an external music source may be hard.

A basic auditory metronome could be easy though (think of it as a background sound that plays on top of whatever else is playing. Thinking not a basic metronome where each tone is the same but thinking more like the beat in the middle of this song:

A few simple basic tones followed by a slightly more complex sound (cymbal hit? Not sure) Like left-right-left-RIGHT repeat so the basic tones stick out less and are even more background with the more complex sound reminding you of the pace you should be doing without being overwhelming

A basic visual metronome could also be added. Have a currently dark horizontal line across the screen divided into left and right halfs. This way the left half can turn blue during the down stroke of the left leg and the right half can turn blue on the downstroke if the right leg so it’s an alternating blink matching your cadence

-don’t ignore rest intervals. If you keep the same music playing during rest you won’t let your body really rest. Rest is more than just your legs putting out less power

Years ago I taught spinning classes and made my own playlists using the songs as programming. It was very successful and very fun. Highly recommend that method if you have the time.

Personally, I have several big cycling playlists. and a few songs are my Go songs. You know, the ones you start playing at minute 18:30 on a ramp test. That works for me every single time. Sometimes I get some of these songs randomly (I just shuffle the playlist) during an endurance workout and my cadence naturally rises.

180 bpm is great. I love being able to keep a 90 rpm cadence by timing the downstroke for each foot on the beat.

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