AT doesn't make sense sometimes

I get confused sometimes with AT. yesterday I did a workout “saddle mountain” which 34 at 105% of ftp, which is a Vo2max workout of level 4.4. and it was marked as stretch for me. it was hard but I did with no problems.
I looked at the next workout ainslie +4 which is 6
4 at 106% of ftp. and it’s a threshold workout at level 2.8 and marked as achievable. the second one is harder for sure since the watt difference for me is just 2 watts and I have to do it 6 times instead of 3. so the second one should have higher level. or am I wrong here?
did anyone find some strange workouts with levels that didn’t make sense?

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It is because threshold is defined as 95-105% and Vo2max is 106-120%. As you note these workouts are analogous with the Ainslie being functionally a harder version (more sets) of Saddle Mountain. The system provides a levels distinction between these two that is without much difference.

Ideally AT would give you threshold credit and Vo2 credit for each workout to build your levels. I wouldn’t worry too much about it and just do the workouts and let AT handle the details. Levels are fuzzy and training is training.


Workout Levels are assigned based upon many incorporate nuanced factors such as repetition, interval length, and recovery time to quantify the relative difficulty of each TrainerRoad workout. Its complex for sure.

If you have specific questions about the *why behind any particular adaptation, is the best place to receive accurate feedback. The team has internal visibility to the full scope of the completion of your workouts, the survey responses that impact AT’s outcome, why AT may be progressing you in a certain direction based upon the entire picture of your plan, etc.