AT bug and workaround

The other day I did a workout that increased my by a few points.
When it posted to Strava, I noticed that my level in the picture (love this feature) hadn’t budged.
Today, I looked on my career and saw that TR thinks I haven’t done a week in that level for two weeks.
I clicked on the survey response and changed it down a notch (I was on the fence anyway) and it bumped my level back up to where was supposed to be.

Is that really a bug or intended functionality? I don’t think AT progresses your levels if you rate the workout too hard.


Marked one as very hard last night, got a +0.1 bump! Does depend on how you mark it… would have been happier with no bump :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I’d had been lying if I’d marked it as all out… I always mark on the side of caution if stuck between two levels.

  • Not only on the marked survey response, but the Difficulty also matters. A 4 rating is handled differently for an Achievable workout compared to a Breakthrough. It pays to look at all of these details when investigating and reviewing workouts and results.

And to beat the dead horse, this original question is best directed to since they have access to far more info than we have here on the forum.


We definitely want to foster discussion about athlete experiences, but support really is the best place to get feedback based upon the full scope of your info, please check in with them!

From the ‘Welcome to the TrainerRoad Forum’ Page:
Have a question about the app, your training plan, or device? Reach out to instead of posting here. Our support team has the best visibility and insight into your devices, workouts and adaptations, and will help get you the most efficient and effective answer to your question.

Closing this thread to avoid confusion for future athletes searching for ‘bug’ threads on the forum for example, and to keep the forum tidy from too many similar threads. Cheers!