Assioma vs Kickr Core Power Comparison

I’m comparing some power data between a left-sided Assioma pedal and the Kickr Core (unsmoothed) over the first section of Bald Knob.

Does the extra noise in the Assiomas look normal in people’s experience?

EDIT: I should have mentioned, although the power output from the Kickr Core is unsmoothed, I’ve smoothed the output of both power sources myself in the plot.

It’s common to see strain gauge based power meter output appear to be much noisier versus a smart trainer output. Trainers typically calculate power based on the speed of the flywheel, that will naturally smooth out the readings.

Example of Pettit, first one recorded from my Neo 2T and the 2nd from a Stages:

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That looks like some sort of power smoothing is going on with the Neo as well though, I can’t imagine power output being that steady.

I can assure you that is not default Kickr level of smoothness.

If you’re referring to my original post, yes, as mentioned I applied some smoothing myself. This is the raw output in fact for the curious:

Better examples all from Pettit. These are all from different days but I think the point still stands.

Kickr 2018 with default smoothing:

Neo 2T:


Thanks–unsmoothed Neo 2T vs Stages looks pretty similar to unsmoothed Kickr Core vs Assioma so I guess things are working as expected for me.