Assioma Uno with Edge 500


Does Assioma works with old Garmin Edge 500 fine? i’m intending to buy it for my bike, but still uses old Garmin.

  • Does Garmin has feature to show doubling power of UNO pedal…ANT+ connection?


Like any other single-sided power meter, the UNO takes the power it gets, and automatically doubles the value, then sends that out to any device you choose. It doesn’t mater what device you use, they will all get the calculated (doubled) power that is an estimate of the total power.


Thank you, that is great to hear.

Do you owners of Assioma Uno get used to aesthetics of big hub on left pedal…does it disturb, or you forget about it…

The pod really isn’t that big in person. I don’t even notice it, and when your foot is on the pedal it pretty much hides the pod completely

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