Assioma UNO vs Wahoo Kickr Core

Honestly, some of the sources as to “when” to do an advanced spindown are mixed and the advice to only do it if they say so, is more to cover their asses.

Only thing that I can foresee going wrong, is that if you suddenly jam on the pedals while the electronic brake is actively shifting quickly, that it could over compensate.

There is no switch or sensor inside the device to “break or not break if wahopo gave permission”.

It’s a fairly simple process, it puts you through a short warm-up, and you spin down twice, once measuring the system friction, and the other measuring the brake strength. And some sources recommend doing it after moving where a trainer is, as well as when you first set it up.

I am an advocate of both, since I have seen many of these be off from the factory once they get installed in our homes.

Mine under reported, a friends over reported, and a third one was bang on, so 2/3 needed adjustment :stuck_out_tongue:

That all said, if your favero is properly calibrated, then you could just use the pedals as your source with power match and be fine with consistent numbers inside and out :stuck_out_tongue:

Moral of the story really, is that while the core CAN be accurate, I find out of the box it needs an advanced spindown, so I wouldn’t be worried about the discrepancy.

As a global power source, and tool for pacing, racing etc. as long as it’s consistent, then your pedals will be just fine.

I’d just want to ensure you don’t have the odd drift anymore :stuck_out_tongue:

All makes sense - thanks for the feedback.

This morning I decided to try one more calibration / spindown on the Kickr - rather than using the TR App calibration - as I had previously - I instead used the Wahoo App after warming the trainer up.

I then used the Favero App to manually calibrate the pedals.

I’ve just done Steamboat +3 recording the TR workout with the Kickr and the pedals recorded to my Wahoo Bolt. The results seem much better;

Interestingly for the first 5min warm up the UNO read higher, then as the work intervals started that switched and the Kickr read higher - that said, things are still much much better than they were yesterday…

Start of ride;

2 of the 5 intervals;


If you go through the history in this form you will find lots of “my power meter doesn’t match my trainer”, I’ve had a Kicker Mk1, Stages left, Garmin Vector 2, Tacx Neo, Elite Direto, and Assimo Duel sides (last 3 are current) and to be honest, they are all slightly off from each other, the Kicker being the highest, the Neo being the lowest, and the rest somewhere inbetween (my Assimoma read higher than the Neo), you are always going to get some difference between power meters (and I believe the great and wonderfull @dcrainmaker said, you are likely to get differences between the same model of power meter), as long as it is the same ball part, I wouldn’t get to hung up about it, I use the Neo for most of my indoor and set my FTP, and just leave it like that, the Assioma for my outside rides, you could spend a large amount of energy trying to get them to be the same to find that you have a difference between inside out outside FTP (again go through the history and see how many people have a different inside and outside FTP) anyway, and even if its a few watts, it’s going to make a slight difference to you TSS setting unless you change you FTP in TP before every ride

Thanks for the objective feedback - I’m certainly not expecting them to match exactly, but I just wanted some assurance they’re in the ball park. I’d never had a power meter prior to the Kickr and this is my first time having a power meter for outdoor rides.

I think the ride this morning had alleviated my initial concerns and while it’s clear the UNO appear to read lower than the Kickr, it’s marginal and isn’t enough to worry me that TSS is going to get skewed between indoor and outdoor rides.

I think the easiest thing to do, now I’ve tested the two against each other, is to use the pedals for both. My plan is to do another ramp test on trainer road with the pedals and use them for both my outdoor rides and then swap for indoor workouts on TR and use PowrMatch. Feels the most sensible and consistent approach to make all things as equal as possible.

Cheers again for the input.

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