Assioma app won't work on Samsung Galaxy phone?

Just picked up Favero Assioma Duo Shi pedals, only to find the app isn’t compatible with my phone (Galaxy S21+). I think this is phone specific because there is an Android app. Has anyone run into this? Any chance I can get the pedals up and running without a phone app?

Edit to add: I’m on Android 13 and One UI version 5.1


Don’t know about Android compatibility, but you do need the app once to register the pedals and do a post - install calibration. If you don’t move the pedals to another bike after that, you won’t need the app other than to update the firmware (and updates are infrequent). Beg, borrow or steal a phone for 10 mins to do the install.


I have the base s21 and i can install the app