Ask a cycling coach trivia

No more trivia please.


Same. Banter :arrow_up: and trivia :arrow_down:


I liked it better last week. It was quick. Keep it quick and I think it’s a fun interlude.

I, for one, loved the trivia. It was fun and kept me engaged playing on my own in the car.


I tend to agree, they do not add anything. (Especially when teh racing questions are US based and we are in the Rest of the World.)

If you want to keep them, put them at the end of the podcast so i can skip past them.

I agree with @T_Field - more deep dives. I have listened to the recent @SarahLaverty Science of Cycling interviews and she does a great job.

As someone here posted - I don’t see how the trivia makes people faster.


I am making a note of this to discuss in our meeting this week! Thanks all for your input!

Thank you, @PhilSJones! I appreciate the feedback :face_holding_back_tears:.

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I was excited when Jonathan mentioned it for the first time. After listening, I thought it was too long and the questions were kind of boring. I think it could be more fun if it promoted banter. I have no idea if it would actually be better, but here is what I would do:

Ask questions to individuals and allow other person to steal if first person gets it wrong (probably wouldn’t do multiple choice for this style). I would also ask the contestants questions aimed at stumping them about things they ought to know or to get contestants to laugh at themselves (or each other). E.g., I would ask Nate “by how much did Chad lose his TT national championship”?. Or ask Chad questions about things discussed in “Beers with Chad”.

If you didn’t want to do this format, another thing that could be fun is if prior to the podcast you polled the TR employees or instagram on things like “which host would be the most most fun to live with” and then have them guess as to who the most common answer was.

How many times has Nate done x workout

Answer is I don’t care

How many minutes have people listened to TR

Same answer

It’s just fluff why waste host time formulating the trivia. Just ditch it and the hosts can spend the time doing something else non TR even


As I mentioned above, tying trivia into actual training related info might be enough to make it “valuable” and worth the time and effort with respect to the “Does it make you faster?” litmus test TR uses for at least some of it’s direction.

In that light, a counter option to the Nate / Baxter example could be more related to TR users. How many of us have done it and how many times has it been done?

Similarly, training related things like completion rates of workouts, training plans and such could be interesting. Also consider the generally positive reception to when Nate shared data about FTP, W/KG and Age Group info about us TR users, something trivia related to that could be received well too.

I don’t think that every second of every cast needs to pass that test above, but otherwise totally random info that has little if any relevance to our training and TR use seems unnecessary, for me at least.


Do just one question and base it around TR internal data like:

What is the compliance rate of workout X (for example 4x15 threshold)?

Then derive some training talk / recommendations from that.


Come on people, you are getting a little overly literal, no? if the podcast is dedicated to making me a faster cyclist, it has to have an entertainment aspect to get me to listen.

Also, some people have said they want more deep dives, but how does knowing the intra-cellular workings of some random process make me faster? Does weight training make me faster? all I technically need is a “yes, research indicates weight training will improve your 40k TT which translates to better overall speed on the bike”.

I think it’s fun, I just wish the multiple choice options weren’t like:
A. 76
B. 76.1
C. 75.9
D. 76.2

When there’re close together it kills the anticipation of learning something from the reveal. Much more interested in wider spaced options, don’t care what the specific number is.

Agree, and the podcast is full of entertainment. The trivia is neither informative nor entertaining (to me).

I know it’s easily skipped. But I’m sure it takes time for the trivia section to be constructed and then there is time spent in front of a microphone going through it. It sounds like maaaaybe one person is very excited about it, and the rest would rather be doing something else. Let them all do something else if there isn’t solid value in it.

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It’s no issue to me if they leave it in there but I’d prefer it at the end so those that don’t want to listen to it can just shut off the pod at that point.

I wasn’t a fan and the first one sounded like @IvyAudrain wasn’t a fan either. :joy:

Not much value in it for me but that’s the strongest opinion I have on it.

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I’m honestly not….Jonathan has referred to multiple subjects over the years and am said they would not discuss them because those discussions would go against the goal of the podcast and that everything they do is designed towards one goal - to make you a faster cyclist.

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Agreed, after a few episodes with the trivia, it’s pretty obviously a flop. Time to move on.

I also don’t like the trivia. It seemed tedious for the hosts themselves. Now… if you could make it more like Wait… Wait… Don’t Tell Me, I’d reconsider, but I don’t see that happening.

I do like the hot takes format.


Much like another post above:

Banter a/o Hot Takes > Trivia

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You can probably guess how great I am at pub trivia nights.
:face_with_spiral_eyes: :rofl:

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I could go for a Beers With Chad (and Ivy) Pub Night Triva.

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