Are you an Apple Watch, iPhone, Apple TV user?

  • Watch, iPhone and Apple TV
  • Watch and iPhone
  • iPhone only
  • Nothing Apple
  • I just love voting

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Im just curious, I use all three. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Can you add an option for iPhone and Tv?


I like pancakes.


I have an Apple Watch with broken touchscreen that only works (sort of) using Siri, how do I vote? Is there a half-vote available?

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Sorry it will only let me edit in the first five minutes apparently…:grimacing:

Which watch are you using?

Series 5. Love my Apple Watch

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I think the way you titled this thread might be biasing who votes in your poll. :laughing:


Youd be surprised, 6% have fought through regardless :sweat_smile:

iphone and apple tv here. I got my wife an ape watch for christmas this year…I dont quite see what the use for them is. Of course…I refuse to wear any kind of watch as it is anyway…

I’ve found that it does track daily calories really well. Of course, take an average over time, but its nice to have that data.

Plus, the more recent versions, can act as a music / podcast player and sync directly with bluetooth headphones. I can just throw the watch on and go for a run without having to take my phone with me.

But everyone has different needs. I’ve come to really love mine

When it got swim ability was when I bought in, leaving the phone at home was a great bonus.

I think it has value as a health monitoring device too.

Only real downside is it cant last as long as my IM swim and run legs. :sweat_smile:

All the more reason to buy the next one!


Pretty sure Apple commited to maintaining the same battery life didnt they?

Not only do we use those three but we use just about every other Apple product in our house. With three kids (high school, college, young adult) currently in the house plus my wife, I count 19 different Apple products that we have (not including extras like old iPhones or an ATV that’s currently boxed up).


Only using Apple Music though, correct? Can’t leave the phone at home while trying to use Spotify?

No idea. I don’t use spotify. I am an old fart and insist on having hard copies of my music.

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iPhone, iPad & AppleTV

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Watch 3, iPhone XR, iPad 6th gen, Apple TV 4K.

…but I’m an Android user (OnePlus 8 Pro) and wear a Galaxy Watch Active daily. The Apple is stuff is part of my “secondary” gadget collection that I pretty much keep up with for work.

you forgot MacBook Pro! I’m old school and been using Unix (Linux) since the days when PCs only ran DOS (no Windows!). I’ve got an Android tablet to stay on top of all things tech, but prefer the privacy and integration of Apple (also work on Linux everyday but its for hackers).


hahahahaha I love this

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