Apple WatchOS 10: Added FTP Estimation and Power Meter Connectivity

Watching WWDC in realtime but looks like WatchOS 10 will have the ability to estimate FTP and connect to power meters for the cycling activity.


No ant+ connectivity, all Bluetooth

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Don’t worry, Apple is coming out with an Apple Watch ANT+ dongle



Curious about battery life on the non ultra watches with gps.


I understand there are still a lot of devices that use ANT+ but my impression was that ANT+ was somewhat being deprecated for Bluetooth? I am relatively new to cycling so all my devices are Bluetooth compatible.

Can’t find much material on it yet but here is the watchOS 10 summary graphic.

Cycling screen with power is on the left hand side:


A lot of devices won’t dual broadcast with only Bluetooth. So, as an example, your HRM may not allow you to broadcast with only Bluetooth to Zwift and TR simultaneously.


if anything they will create a new private protocol, never to be shared with other companies, and ask PM makers to adopt it so apple user can connect PM to the apple watches.

apple will solve this with appletooth



Scroll down to cycling and you can read more on it:

Apple Watch can now automatically connect to Bluetooth-enabled cycling accessories, such as power meters, speed sensors, and cadence sensors. This enables brand-new metrics, including cycling power (watts) and cadence (RPM), and additional Workout Views, including Power Zones. Bluetooth connection is supported for Indoor and Outdoor cycling workouts, as well as GymKit.

New algorithms combining sensor data from Apple Watch and connected power meters can estimate Functional Threshold Power (FTP), the highest level of cycling intensity that a rider could theoretically maintain for an hour. Using FTP, Apple Watch calculates personalized Power Zones, used to easily see the current zone and track how long is spent in each, which is an effective and popular way of improving performance.


Biggest news of the day for WWDC.

Oh and I guess Apple released some new goggles or something?


But, Apple, is it REALLY your hour power? :rofl:


Who’s ready to take the FTP discussion to the apple forums?


It’s a missed opportunity for TR not to have an Apple Watch app.

First, the ease of just getting on you trainer or bike and doing a work out on your wrist seems like a marketing slam dunk: “All the power of TR… on your wrist!”

Second, TR is missing out on collecting all the other health data that the Apple Watch collects and can share to different platforms (sleep, resting HR, O2, etc).

If I were @Nate_Pearson I’d make Apple Watch development a priority. That or start looking to sell TR to Apple so that it gets incorporated into Apple Fitness.


Forget power, looks like they are finally working on my concerns:



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I am not sure if some part of this is sarcasm but if it isn’t:

I think it would be cool but not sure if this is something a lot of people are asking. TrainerRoad is primarily used indoors where it isn’t difficult to set up a table/laptop with TR and all the peripherals you need.

I actually don’t disagree with this though it doesn’t require an “Apple Watch app”. I am pretty sure they have discussed using different health metrics (HRV, RHR, etc.) to give you a red/green light on if you are good to go on your scheduled workout. I think the hesitation is they said research is still ambiguous on certain biometrics being a clear indicator if you are ready to tackle a particular workout.

This line has hints of sarcasm so I apologize if you are serious but why?

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What TR really needs to prioritize is a TR App for VisionOS

@Nate_Pearson @IvyAudrain @Jonathan

Kidding but kind of not kidding. Vision Pro does look really cool.


Can’t wait to ruin my 3500$ headset by sweating through it


No sarcasm at all. Apple Watch is THE most popular wearable. It’s on like 30% of peoples wrists. They sell 40 MILLION Apple Watches a year.

When I get on the trainer inside I have to bring your device, fire up TR app, put on HR monitor, select workout. With Apple Watch everything is already on your wrist. Just fire up the app and go. You’d have taps to notify you of interval changes. It’d also collect recovery HR data which is good indicator of CV fitness

I was totally serious about selling to Apple. The first rule of business is how to get out of it with the most money.