Are there any cliff notes for the deep dives?

I don’t know about you guys, but these deep dives, although I like them, sometimes are too long for me. Either I lose focus, or something comes up and I have to rewind 3-4 times, or I forget what they talked about 10 min ago. Furthermore, I don’t remember what the topic discussed was let’s say 3 months ago.
It’s a shame because I can tell there is a lot of work done on coach chad’s end to prepare for these and the questions are most of the time very good.
It would be nice to have a place where we can go for reference on the deep dives. Something like:
A) the question(s)
B) the answers(s)
C) how strong is the research supporting it.

I wouldn’t mind having each of us assigned an episode and compile a list like that.

Hey Alen,

We often base blog posts on Chad’s deep dives. Check them out over at You’ll know a post is based on a deep dive when the deep dive video is embedded at the start of the post. When we do this we generally expand on/clarify Chad’s points, add some useful takeaways, and include links to the research and references at the bottom. It’s not exactly cliffs notes, but it can be a useful resource!


Thanks! But still to have 1 place to go for a quick answer would be nice