Are Plans Ever Updated Based On Deep Dive Research?

I just powered through the cadence deep dive in one of the recent pods and wondered if the plans were updated based on this research or, indeed, any new research. If so, how frequently?

Going through a Full Distance Tri Plan Builder at the moment, I noticed cadence targets were still pretty high (maybe or maybe not contradicting the deep dive research :wink:) I understand these workouts are used in cycling specific plans as well, however, it would be neat if the text updated with the research outcomes that have been discussed in the pod. If the text is baked into the workouts however, and not pulled from a central location, then that’s A LOT of text changes! :joy:

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@Nate_Pearson used to provide some updates in a thread ~18mths ago when they first started to make the changes, and it was talked about on the podcast. Now the changes seem more like tweaks and it’s a bit of an easter egg to notice if a workout has been replaced or changed out.

Spanish Needle. Mary Austin and a few legacy workouts certainly were modified and the new variant is the one in the plans. Not sure if there is an official change log though.

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I wish there the catalog had more metadata in it.
Theres so many similar endurance and tempo workouts that you wonder why they all exist and why specifically certain ones arent in the plan.

Here’s that thread for reference!


Cheers, that’s helpful, but the last post on that thread was almost 2 years ago now.

Right, I think the key takeaway from that thread though is Nate’s opening statement:

“For the foreseeable future, we’re using data to make incremental improvements to our training plans.”

Constant Improvement is one of our core values as an organization, so that means we’re expanding upon and working on Plans regularly. Not to mention, a feature coming out soon that’s a reflection/culmination of a LOT of that work, but I can’t speak to that quite yet. :zipper_mouth_face:

I hope this reassures you a bit!


Cheers, it was more just out of interest rather than any sort of gripe.

That sounds exciting, look forward to whatever it is!

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Yes, but we can do more. Chad has a list of instructional text that he wants to update.

For actual plan workouts, we update them based on a mix of data and research.

I think you’ll see more updates in the fairly near future :smiley: :wink: .


How soon… how soon…u can’t leave it like that! :joy::joy::joy:


It’s tough because it takes time. People get pissed for me even saying “fairly soon”. And some things take longer then we think.


Bring back the full Mary Austin! It hurt so good! (Kidding…mostly).

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I understand that if workouts are updated, then once we load them we get the updated version. But if plans are altered, will the scheduled plan be updated?

I don’t know if this has changed but, in the past, when a plan was changed it would not change what you already have scheduled on your calendar. So to get the most recent plan you would have to delete the plan and then add the updated one to your calendar.

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The above is still correct, AFAIK.

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We plan on being able to migrate them, at least if you’re using plan builder.