Apple Health for weight and sleep

Recently purchased an Apple watch having used Fitbit’s in the past. After 5 failed watches it was time to switch brand. Just after a little help setting up…

I’m a fairly bad sleeper and am trying to lose weight so these are the two key metrics I want to track. I have my ride details syncing over to Health and my gym uses Myzone so that all syncs across nicely also. So just got to get the weight and sleep setup.

So, on the Apple watch are there any Apps that track sleep and automatically send the data to Health? I have tried Pillow but unless you look at the pillow app each day the data doesn’t transfer? Unless I have it set up wrong?

And second as for weight, what scales do people recommend? Again posting directly to Health without having to use the manufacturers own app first.

Thanks in advance

I’ve used Sleep++ and Boditrax without problems:

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Try Autosleep

Downloaded autosleep last night but didn’t set it up correctly so it tracked sleep but didn’t transfer correctly, so hopefully work correctly tonight. Another bad nights sleep 4 hours 4 mins not ideal!!!

I feel your pain. I was there for a long time. Have you been to a sleep clinic to ensure there are no mechanical issues (apnea). The sleep clinic put me on the right track. When the sleep hygiene and diet are dialed then the tracking apps start to help. Once the hygiene was established the crazy thing that the clinic did was they reduced my sleep for 10 days. So I went from gunning for 8 hours and hitting 4 to gunning for and hitting 5. Still wrecked but better… Their argument was that I was spreading crap quality sleep over a longer time. Then they started to up it from five by 30 minute increments. We stabilized at about 7 as my natural target a good night is 6:30. The whole process took three weeks of commitment. Can’t recommend that enough.

Still have bad bouts but the tracker apps show that they may not be as bad as you thought. So you get passed the feeling sorry for yourself bit quite quickly and back on to the virtuous circle.

I’ve found pretty nice success with Sleep Cycle. I just run it on the phone and sleep with my watch on in airplane and theatre mode; This allows for heart rate tracking and silent alarm in the morning. Uses about 7% battery each night so just charge for about 90 minutes before bed.

Hopefully autosleep will work tonight for you. I’ve had bouts of bad sleep as well. Generally I wake up at 4am and then can’t get back to sleep again. I’ve found this technique to work well,

Looks like Apple are about to launch their own sleep app. Could be at the Apple event next week:

Been using Autosleep for lose to 2 years now. It really is a fantastic sleep tracking app!
Then I have HealthFit extract AppleHealth’ (talk about mouthful) data and export it to TodaysPlan.

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Autosleep seems to be working well so thanks for the recommendation.

Now onto scales, I’m after the same sort of thing. Has its own app but sends data to Apple Health automatically and I’m really just after weight and bodyfat %. In the Uk seems Garmin and Withings are the most popular?

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