App being used for remote work

In one podcast Nate said an application they were using that helped with remote work. Something that didn’t end up sending alerts for every message. Anyone help me with what that was?

I believe what you are referring to is their use of Slack.

I think he was talking about slack ( at the time (and the ability to set yourself a status of “do not disturb”)

I would second it’s use, I’ve got several people around the world at the moment and I can drop them messages that I know they will get when they wake up.

We used Slack here for a while, and now use MS Teams - it has similar features (but since we’re an MS house, licenses are a lot cheaper). You can do the same do-not-disturb setting. The integration with Outlook calendar and contacts is a plus assuming you’re using MS for the rest.

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Its’ funny - we have teams and slack - I just can’t get on with Teams. For some reason it just doesn’t work as well as Slack (and I cant quite put my finger on what it is !)

The Teams UI is wonky. That’s part of it. Some ex-Zwift UX “experts” must have designed it :slight_smile: