Anyone using Hunt wheels? Any issues with rim-brake caliper fit?

Just curious if any of you wonderful TR users have experience with Hunt wheels? Specifically, I’m looking at the Hunt 50mm deep tubeless clinchers in rim brake but one reviewer mentioned that he could barely get the front wheel to fit into his Ultegra caliper.

I can’t find any other mention of this issue on the internet seems super bizarre given they appear to be a very popular wheel manufacturer in the UK. They are 27mm wide (i assume this is external) so really want to be sure they will fit on my 6800 calipers before pulling the trigger. Here’s a link to the article:

"However, the Hunts did present a new nuisance in that the rim was too wide for my Shimano Ultegra R8000 brake calipers. I’ve not had this problem before and solved it by removing the spacer behind the brake pad housing – not ideal. Even then, the pads barely lifted off the rim and the modulation of the levers was non-existent. What was more bizarre is I didn’t have to go to the same extremes on the rear wheel."

Only people I know have disc versions. I have heard that Hunt customer service is pretty good though so maybe best to contact them direct?

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I had no problem fitting them in my Ultegra set… you just need to adjust the brake cable the first time if your old wheel doesn’t have a wide profile.


Solid, thank you!

On reading the article I agree that it sounds just like they need to let the cable out a touch.

On a side note, not realised how poor a website cycling weekly was. Just click bait.

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What @osmondcreative said, I’ve had no issue on my ultegras…after I adjusted the cable.

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I originally thought I had the same problem but found I was wrong…105 direct mount calipers and Hunt 55 wheels are indeed compatible and using 28mm tyres is no problem…apologies for the earlier post…

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it is the most ridiculous opening statement from Cycling weekly. hard to start but because its 50mm deep? so surely that applies to all 50mm+ rims. IDIOTS!!!

No issues fitting those rims under old DuraAce calipers with 28mm Schwalbe One’s (actual fitted width was 30.5mm).

I did however have issues with a deformed rim at the valve hole and a wheel that was out of true, so they went back (this was the second set, first from Hunt had damage to brake track out of the box).

If you’re UK based the Just Riding Along Mahi Mahi look way cooler IMHO and they’re cheaper. I’ve had set of alloy tubeless wheels built by them as have a few mates and they’ve been bombproof and still run true.

Not affiliated in any way - just a happy customer suggesting a possible alternative.