Anyone using a Zwift Hub with external power meter

I love the idea of the cassetteless Zwift hub, but apprehensive about power accuracy, both from reports and claimed accuracy.

Now I’ve tried using my power meter as a power source in ERG mode before and it was a mess of erg constantly chasing its tail on my flux.

But wondering whether the situation was any better on the Zwift hub?

I rely on DCRainmaker reports and he gave a thumbs up for the Hub for accuracy. I own an H3 and a Hub, and while the H3 has a much better ride feel, training sessions perform the same between the two.

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I’ve been using my partner’s Zwift Hub since it came out (along with my Tacx Neo).

I converted the Hub with the cassette-less thing and the Click controller when it came out and use dual-sided Assioma Duo’s with this set up.

It works very well. Very little lag and I’ve not noticed any significant power accuracy issues. I always train off of my power meter numbers since that will be like-for-like indoor and outdoor.

I can’t say that it’s as responsive as a Tacx Neo, but the difference is small and inconsequential for me.

For context, I focus mainly on sustained power intervals (V02, Threshold) for climbing and TT, so I can not speak to short, high-frequency on-off sprint intervals. Also, I tend to prefer training in SIM/slope mode rather than ERG, which allows me to control the length of the interval - ensuring time in zone.

Having used the cassette-less set up for roughly 6 months, I’d say this is the future of trainer design - with mods that would allow my wireless di2 levers to control the gearing rather than an extra controller. Plus, the ability to set different virtual cassettes for different terrain.