Anyone using a Huawei Mediapad M5 for TR?

Granted, this tablet is 5 years old now, but TR is (or should be!) a very basic app.

But I find it very slow and laggy. For instance, if I try to adjust the workout intensity, when I click + it’ll go to 101%… then 102% and sometimes 103%. It seems to think I’m still pressing the + icon for a while after my finger leaves it.

Curious if others have this issue, or if I should be trying a factory reset. I’ve uninstalled almost all other apps from it, it’s certainly not close to being full, etc etc.

I’ve just tested it at my desk and it seems absolutely fine, but it’s always very laggy when training - I guess being connected to my Neo and tickr via bluetooth affects it more than I feel they should!

Additionally, as a bug report, I’ve noticed I don’t get the pre-workout “how keen are you” survey when using the tablet in landscape mode - only if I turn it to portrait. I’m guessing that’s not specific to this tablet, and is a known issue, just no-one cares :man_shrugging::grin: