Anyone used Kinomap?

My wife is new to indoor training and has a Kickr. In addition to getting her on Trainerroad(of course), I have been exploring other options for her. I have come across Kinomap, which appears to have Strava integration and videos of routes or rides along with smart trainer control. Does anyone have any experience with this? It is not structured training but seems like a reasonable choice for those who would otherwise zwift?

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Yes I do indeed. there a free version to download and the free version already gives you access to a set of free videos for testing. You can also upload your own videos. A new release to be launched in Sept time will include enhanced structured workouts and coaching. stay tuned.

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I tried Kinomap yesterday, connected my Powermeter and Speed Sensor, but overall the experience was not good.

The Power shown was about twice as much than my bike computers data. It is completeley unrealistic, that when going really slowly through Central Park in flat terrain my Watt would be 200 and more… There was no way how to calibrate anything, so all the data shown in the app seemed to be off by a lot.

Then, stopping pedaling and doing nothing the video still moved and was riding on, despite my choice to have a video which goes by my speed.

I stopped the app and went on training just with my cycling computer and Netflix.

a pity, I was really curious, mostly also because Kinomap offers Videos and Training for rowers as well.

I contacted support and will see what they tell me about this.

I used it for a year…as it was the only App that would control my smart bike.

I did quite a fair bit of the video rides and they were ok and you get to see a bit of the world. I rode sections of TDF and through Poland, Spain, etc etc. It has two Modes, one of which the videos speed up the harder you go which works quite good.

It also has a workout creator for creating your own interval workouts.

Generally it’s not the best, but it might help keep your wife entertained with the videos etc. It also has rowing iirc.

Easy to set up and worth a free trial to see if she likes it.

the original post is already some two years back. So I am not sure if this question is still open.

I just posted my latest experiences as i did not find many Kinomap threads here.

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:rofl: :+1:

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I have a free trial so i might give it a try

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