Anyone recognise this workout?

I was watching The Norwegian Method - Kristian Blummenfelt & Gustav Iden's Winter Lab Testing - YouTube an insight in winter training for Kristian Blummenfelt, Gustav Iden, Olav Aleksander Bu and Adam Acworth and at 7:05 saw a familiar TR screen and wondered what the workout was. See screen shot below. I did a search of workouts and couldn’t find anything, so it’s probably a custom made one from their coach.

No idea, but there is approximately 0% chance that I could finish this beast !

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I have no desire to ever recognise this workout.


Ramping power workouts are common in 40k TT specialty plan (for example, Tower +4), minus those 2 brutal fangs. I’ll get to similar workouts in September. But instead of last 2 intervals, I am planning 3-4h Z2

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@svens thanks for the recommendation of Tower +4, I will slot something similar into my programme for some upcoming TTs. Whilst I was looking around I also found Niquitao: Stone: Scaraen: Saser Kangri: The Snave: Estero which are all similar. TT’s are a side interest to road racing, so I don’t see many workouts like these in my plan.

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