Anyone order from Merlin cycles lately

Are you in Ontario? How much duty and tax were you charged if any? I’m looking to order a De Rosa bike from them but I’m scared I get charged a crazy amount of money when it arrives in Canada.

Had several things from them in the last month. No issues at all. But then I am in the Uk… :man_shrugging:

thought i share some thought on merlincycle due to a unfortunate warranty claim on my crack bb
got my Bike from Merlin cycle…
in May this year. found some crack on my bottom bracket area send lots of email n photo to Merlincycle and Ridley. Ridley and Merlincycle suggested to me to send it back. Due to covid19 situation, Normal postage was not avail due to the bulky item. Had to arrange UPS and pay a hefty XXX amount to send it back. Merlin got it in June. and i thought okie. should be fast and on 30th June mention that they will file a warranty claim with Ridley and waiting for the action. Okie. that was fast… WRONG. nothing happen and I email merlin and they said, Ridley on Summer break. only back in Aug so they cant do anything. so I didn’t have a choice but to wait for JULY to end and Aug to arrive. Aug arrives and they mention they will work on in asap… I believe Merlincycle.
a few email was send to them but didnt reply but i didnt bother with it. thinking maybe they waiting for the new frame. Sept came. i email Merlincycle check the status… my god. NOTHING WAS DONE. . and they were saying. they were waiting for Ridley to arrange pickup… i email Ridley. and they said. they were waiting for Merlin to send… . 40 over email was send back n forth during this period. 2 weeks ago… Merlin said they will arrange to send it out … so I email them end of last week. and today. i got an email… It not being send out yet… reason … waiting to arrange with Ridley to arrange for be pick up… oh my god… how many times can these excuses be used.
i quote the email from merlin"
This is now being dealt with by our Warranty manger and his opposite number at Ridley, as far as I am aware we are just awaiting for them to arrange the collection still unfortunately, we will let you know as soon as it has been uplifted."
i honestly dont know who is causing the delay… Merlin said waiting for Ridley to pick it up. Ridley said. they are waiting for Merlin to send the from May till date. I have no bike… so for 3 month nothing happen. and if i know they will be so slow. i would have opt for cheaper international shipping.