Waiting for bikes/parts support group

For most of us on here this definitely classifies as a “first-world problem,” so full disclaimer that I recognize there are real issues and suffering in the world that make this appear trivial, but still…

Who else is clawing at the walls waiting for a new bike or part to come in right now? While continuing to ride my 7-year-old hardtail into the ground, I spent the summer researching and contemplating a new mountain bike, obsessively refreshing pinkbike, talking to friends, and reading articles. I nearly pulled the trigger on a used 2021 Kona Hei Hei for local pickup, but it was aluminum and I wanted to hold out for carbon. Ultimately I decided to go through my LBS, since I’m good friends with the owner. He is selling it to me at cost, saying as a small shop it helps him to place a larger order. Killer deal for me, glad to support him in a small way. But it won’t arrive until April at the earliest, and I am slowly dying inside. I imagine it’s even worse for folks with everything they need except a critical part like a derailleur or something. Here’s to hoping supply catches up with demand in 2022.


Found a new Specialized Epic in my size. Rode it twice before a really minor crash crunched the left rear seat stay.

4 month wait for warranty part.

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Ouch. Feel your pain!

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I have a lot of compassion for a cyclist with one bike who ends up crashing it. I would be devastated having to not ride for months while waiting for a new bike.

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I waited 7 1/2 months for my Ribble HT Ti to come in. Now thoroughly enjoying the heck out of it outdoors while putting indoor training aside for a few weeks.

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As somebody that lives the supply chain nightmare of 2020/2021, I have bad news for you.

It’s not necessarily about supply vs. demand… the challenge of moving product around the globe has become a hellish proposition. I too hope the world gets everything ‘figured out’ soon, but from where I sit (auto parts distribution), it is a long way off.


Took me months to locate a Specialized diverge gravel bike, it was like hunting a criminal online…

I have, for the most part, been lucky with finding parts as I need them, or just before. But I am getting close on a few things here and there. Definitely first world, but the cassette on my race bike is about dead, so I need to hunt down a $400 cassette before next season, and I really don’t want to!

Been wanting to build up a new cross bike as a pandemic project. Wanted a frame only but couldn’t find anything that would work for me. Managed to find a Felt FX completely built over the summer so I stripped and sold most of the parts so I could rebuild it. Was able to find most of what I wanted easily, but the drivetrain proved to be a challenge. I wanted SRAM Rival AXS and it took a while but eventually 1 by 1 the parts made it to me except for one. I still can’t get a left shifter/brake lever and caliper. I thought for sure I could find one by cross season but there is nothing out there unless you want to pay 1K or more for one on ebay.

Luckily my gravel bike has FORCE AXS so I improvised and took the shifter off of it and used it on the cross bike so I’ve at least I’ve got a fully functional bike to race on. I’ve got a gravel race next spring that I’ll want to use the Diverge for. Hopefully I can get my hands on the shifter by then.


Started 2021 with a Cross Country, CX, Single Speed, and Gravel Bike.

As of now the Single Speed (old cx bike converted to a “tracklocross” style set up) is the only one running and not waiting on parts : /

I’d just source/fix all the stuff myself, but I can’t afford to not wait on the legit replacement parts as they’re all under warranty or require factory servicing.

I ordered new hoods a few weeks back being a mechanical group set they were sold out everywhere but Ebay (I could find Hydraulic or Electronic groupset hoods). The earliest delivery is next week but the delivery window stretches to November. I should have ordered themlast month but I was hoping shops would come back into stock :neutral_face:

Ouch, sorry to read this! Curious if you can share the crash details and part, I have an Epic Evo and want to be sure I try to avoid this kind of scenario. I love my Epic Evo and have been training & riding hard but races & events are not until 2022 so I might have to dial it back if this happens.


To the point of auto parts, I got rear-ended on Friday, which also pushed me into the car in front of me. 2015 Subaru Outback that has pretty low miles (~60k for a 7 year old car) and I have two major concerns:

  • is it totaled (repair shop says it is borderline)? If it is, can I find another vehicle to drive that will suit my needs?

  • If it can be repaired, will the shop be able to get the parts they need? Was in there last night and the manager gestured to a an SUV that they are having to put back on the road with some still-damaged parts because it will be months before they can get the replacement ones.

As for bikes, from what I hear, supply is starting to improve ever so slightly…but still not a lot of bikes available for enthusiasts / higher end sales.

IMHO, If any part of the suspension is tweaked, total it out.

Came to a stop due to giant rocks and bad line, had to bail out to avoid coming down on wrists/arms/shoulders/hip/etc. Bike fell over from a standstill onto a sharp rock directly onto the left rear seat stay. It was a pretty weird accident, and I think it must’ve just hit that lightweight carbon just right to crack it.

All that being said, huge shout out to Gearhead Outfitters in Bentonville, AR. They called me yesterday and said they were able to locate a spare from somewhere in the US and it was ready to go! Unbelievable. They really came through. Go by their store if you are ever in that area, they are a Tier 1 Specialized dealer and have all the gorgeous SWorks stuff in there.


Thanks for the insight…dunno yet about the suspension. I do know the floor panel in the rear hatch area is compressed, along with the gas tank and exhaust system. They don’t think the frame is bent at this point, but they are pulling the bumpers today to look deeper at it.

We’ll see…

I’ll check them out next time I am down there…I have rented form Phat Tire Bikes before when I have gone down for business.

Put my order in and paid 10% on a Nukeproof Reactor ST in June as the agent had to put his order in for 2022.
Still no idea when it will be delivered, what the final spec will be or the final price. (Nukeproof say similar to 2021).

Now I’m following Nukeproof on social media and hope they’ll announce the rest of their 2022 line soon…

Cost of shipping a full container from China to the US has gone up 4x this year. The pain isn’t just availability. It’s also shipping cost now.

Me personally - not buying a Niner bike because they gave a lead time of 12-18 months for their RLT 9 RDO Gravel bike. Looking at the Otso Waheela C instead.

I figure this is the best thread to ask: is it worth buying a bike “now” - knowing that it won’t arrive until about one year from now? I have two bikes on my list: gravel bike (probably Trek Checkpoint - not sure which one) and yet another mountain bike (Trek Super Caliber). Will they be outdated by the time I get them? Also, which one should I get (assuming I can’t get both)?

(And, yes, I might be able to get one a little sooner if I search around - but I also want to support my LBS and buy through them.)