Anyone make their own water?

Sparkling water that is :wink:

I cut down the booze and try to avoid diet or regular sodas. In their place I have been drinking a lot of canned or bottled sparkling water (La Croix, Topo Chico, etc.).

Have any of you started making your own and has it been a good investment?

I was looking at something like this:

But open to learning if you all have taken the plunge and if so how are you making your own?

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Not me, but friends use Soda Stream and like it.

I would consider fruit infusion as well. Not a bad idea, thanks for bringing this up. I’ll look into it too.


We use Soda stream at our house. We have very good quality tap water and the bubbles make me drink more. I love doing a 1:6 mix of apple juice and bubbly water when thirsty.

Anyone else come hoping this was gonna be about DIY H2O?


I read about someone that apparently invented powered water but couldn’t figure out what to add.


Soda Stream and in fact on our way right now to buy a 60L CO2 cartridge at Bed Bath & Beyond with a coupon.

Kombucha is also great substitute when I’m jonesing for an IPA.

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Some of that classic anhydrous H2O


Yes, but I usually don’t talk about it in polite conversation…


Kefir water (not to be confused with milk Kefir) is also super tasty and really easy to make once you source the ‘grains’. We only flavor it with fruit slices, so it ends up tasting more like a cider than lemonade.

Soda streams are great and highly recommend investing in a glass bottle model.

Please do tell. I’ve never heard of it but super tasty and easy, I’m all ears.

A lot of Soda Stream fans. When I looked at them it didn’t look like the price plus the C02 would be all the economical but with so many fans I’m guessing I am off on that one.

This is pretty much the way i make it…except we don’t add fruit juice, just fruit slices. Adding juice makes it sweetener, so could be a good way to start.

I got my grains from a local swap group but pretty sure most health food shops would sell them.

To remove chlorine from tap water, you can either use cooled boiled water or leave a glass bottle of water out in the sun for a day.

Good luck!

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Thank you!

Yeah the SS consumables price (CO2) makes me wonder about cost effectiveness but my daughter with environmental engineering degree got it for me to reduce waste. Bed Bath & Beyond with a coupon is best price for CO2.

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It’s not, but it’s small, and convenient. The video you posted is larger, bulky, and more for retailers, distributing numerous drinks, than small servings for home use. It’s a tradeoff. Some people won’t mind the industrial stuff, but they either have their own distillery already, or are into nano brewing. e.g…, their SO can’t say much because they already lost the garage and/or kitchen to this stuff.

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I used to keep a keg of carbonated water on hand when I had a homebrewing setup, it was just a pepsi keg and water from a local spring. We’ve really hard water where I live so it’s mineral water I suppose. One could also use salts for brewing and RO water to really tweak the mineral profile. I only did it because I had the stuff for beer already, but I kind of miss having mineral water on tap.

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Back in the day, there was a thread on ST asking how to make flat coke. I schitt you not. Was hilarious.

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I considered a sodastream for a bit, but whether or not it’s more economical depends on your own habits. For example, I live alone and don’t drink a whole lot of sparkling water- so it’s cheaper for me to just buy the store-brand stuff. (i also live in a dorm, so I don’t really have the extra space.)
On the other hand, if you drink a lot- or have a family who does also- it could make a lot more sense. A lot of people also don’t consider the brands you typically buy- La Croix for example is pretty expensive, so you might find yourself saving with the sodastream even in smaller amounts.

I also like homemade iced tea- black with lemon, or a herbal blend if I don’t need the caffeine.

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GOOD nice

Soda stream for convenience.
Head to your local brew shop and get a proper gas bottle if you use it a lot. You can then add an adapter as pictured below.

Gas refills or exchanges for brewing are cheap cheap.