Anyone having issues with Garmin Cadence Sensor 2 on iOS

After the latest iOS update (13.5), my Garmin cadence sensor 2 does not connect to any program via BTE on an iOS device (iPhone/iPad). I can use it via ANT+ no worries, and also as BTE on macOS devices, but no iOS device I have works with it anymore.

What I’ve done so far:

  • Unpaired from all devices
  • Power-cycled sensor by removing battery, letting rest for 60+ seconds, adding back, pairing, etc.
  • Airplane-mode’d all devices that aren’t the target device to ensure that no rogue device was taking up the BTE signal
  • Demonstrated BTE was working on non-iOS devices by successfully reading cadence data on macOS and tvOS

Any thoughts on how to fix?

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Have you found a solution? I’ve had the same problem since May or early June. On Zwift, everything works when I connect directly to AppleTV, but not when I try to go through Zwift companion (on my iphone). My phone seems to find the sensor, but not transmit the data. I also noticed my iphone-based Wahoo app finds the sensor but does not show any data.

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Sadly, no. I reached out to Garmin and they were having their engineers look at my phone logs - then they just went dark. When I asked for an update, they just said “we’re working on it.”

A few weeks ago, I had to replace my phone for unrelated reasons… and that “fixed” the issue I was having - it works on Zwift companion now… but that’s not an easy nor convenient fix… seems like maybe it’s a cacheing issue?

I’ve also noticed that BTE is restricted to a single program. I’m sure this is common sense but took me a bit to figure it out. If TrainerRoad has the “signal” of a BTE device… you can’t switch to Zwift Companion and run them concurrently.

Fortunately, I’m planning to replace my phone, so I’ll keep my fingers crossed.

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