Anyone have experience recovering from dislocated / sub luxed shoulder - severe nerve pain?

After my RTA (knocked off my bike by a car) in April my recovery has been ok apart from a nigggling ache in my left shoulder

Another (very minor) recent off onto some grass seems to have exacerbated things.

Physio at my local GP practice suspects a dislocation / sub lux of the shoulder joint that is pinching a nerve. She believes it was probably done in the RTA but yeh recent knock has made it worse.

The pain has worsened as time has passed, its now excruciating most of the time. Initially was deep in the shoulder but has moved down the back / outside of the left triceps and into the forearm. Like an acute pinching sensation.

I’ve been referred to a shoulder specialist with an appointment next week.

Anyone on here have experience of this before? If so any pointers, tips or advice on recovery and rehabilitation gratefully recurved.


I’m not sure how much help this will be, but… I dislocated my shoulder at university, so about 18 years ago. It still clicks and is painful in certain positions, and I get mild Tricep nerve irritation sometimes on the bike. It’s not awful, and most of the time it’s a non issue. I did have some success with an exercise routine prescribed to me by a physio, so that could be an option. I think an orthopaedic opinion will be helpful too. Have you had a scan?

Thanks. No scan yet, but I’ve been lucky enough to get referred privately, as my work has a medical insurance cover policy so I’ve been fortunate that I get to see a locally based orthopaedic specialist ‘shoulder’ guy pretty soon (Tuesday next week). I expect he will do a scan of some sort.

Pain is pretty unbearable at the moment despite anti inflammatory and paracetamol / codeine prescription.

I’m hoping it’s something he can manoeuvre back into place followed by physio as opposed to surgery :confused:

What’s doubly annoying is I’m just finishing SBBLV1 and have been really doing well, hitting the workouts etc. Only a couple of intervals to go until the rest week but the way I’m feeling / not sleeping now means I think I will have to bail on the last sessions and go straight into an extended rest week. Frustrating :tired_face:

Have your neck evaluated. Shoulder may be a confounding variable. You are describing a pinched nerve at your neck… very treatable with PT.

Thanks :+1:t2: