Anyone going for the Strava Trek Distance Challenge?

If you haven’t seen the Trek Challenge:

I kind of want to go for the 1000 mile award. That gold pin looks pretty cool. I did 500 last year without much change to my routine but I think 1000 would really challenge me. Not necessarily the distance but just finding the time to get the distance in.

Anyway… question… if I go for it, how do you guys fit your normal workout routine in at the same time? Do a workout and then just keep riding?

I’ve entered. Realistically I think I’ll end up somewhere between 500 and 1000 miles. Keen not to derail my plan too much :wink:

I signed up but I’ll stick to my workout plan for the month. If every workout ends up outside I’ll get around 800 miles in. If I decide to push it the last week to try for 1000, I’ll do more z2 since I’m already doing around 400 miles that last week for the WI MS Ride.

I signed up. My normal riding this time of year puts me over 500 but I think 1,000 would be too much of a stretch. Did the 500 last year and got a nice shirt from my LBS for it but it doesn’t look like they’re doing shirts this year.

Ditto, 500 is an easy grab.

So here we are, the end of July and I did it! 1000 miles in July done. I stuck to my plan, but after each workout, I’d just tack on an extra 1.5 hours of zone 2 miles. My plan calls for 5 rides a week. I usually do longer group rides in place of the weekend workouts anyways so that didn’t change much. I had to get up about an hour earlier than usual to do 50 miles before work mon, tues. then I’d sleep in on Wed and do an afternoon/evening ride instead. Thurs rest. Friday morning normal workout and then century on Saturday.

Every week wasn’t the same as I had Family vacation items a couple of the Saturdays. Today I got up even earlier and did the last bit to finish off the challenge.

Overall, I think my body has responded very well to the volume. My ride today was 4 hours moving time and only 4:08 total time. I only stopped to change into a jacket at the top of a couple climbs. My weighted average power is as high as I’ve had on almost any ride. Intensity was .86 and TSS was 321. Not today, but one of the other rides I was able to PR an uphill climb that’s been on my bucket list for a couple years.

Soooo… I’m sort of looking forward to going back to my normal volume and going to keep a little fitness but lose a bit of fatigue and gain a bit of form before my target date in August. I just have a group ride that I used for my A race since the events are all canceled (mostly anyway).


Great work!!! I will be happy to hit 500mi tomorrow with my normal schedule.


You should have just up shifted a couple gears and hit 1000 :wink:

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:rofl: That’s all it takes? :stuck_out_tongue:

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I got close to 600 (outdoors) and with the heat this week called it good enough - maybe shoot for 1000 next year. I don’t zwift or roovy so no virtual miles which is a killer for this challenge. Well done @Dennis!



I’m also ending the month at about 600 miles. Felt like a really good amount, still plenty fresh. I have a tough time imagining doing the 1,000 and having a good time with it.


Congratulations @Dennis :+1:

As predicted, I will also finish just shy of 600 miles. Pleased with that and my body seems to have responded well too.


Finally hit 500 today, not bad since I had two full weeks stuck inside while waiting for shifter parts so I could get back outdoors.


Was able get to the 1000 mile mark a couple days ago, with about 50% done on the dirt, thanks to unemployment :-/

1134 miles for me and only 5 TR workouts this month, including a ramp test. Next one isn’t for a couple of weeks so we’ll see what the did for me. I do know I feel pretty good and plan to start August off with a bang with 100 miles of gravel.

p.s. “I only stopped to change into a jacket at the top of a couple climbs.” Stop rubbing it in as I sit here with near 100 degree temps.


Wow that’s a lot of riding on the off-road. Is wishing you find a new job a good thing? Maybe you’d rather keep riding :D. Good Luck!

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Lol, it’s actually 100 degrees in the valley here as well. If you climb out of the valley at 6:00 am though it’s a bit chilly at 8000 ft when you start going down the other side. I’m grateful for a way to escape the valley.

I upped my volume this month, not having anything better to do, and hit the 1000 for Trek, and 750 for PowerDot challenges. I’m pretty new to Strava: do you need to pick with length you’re going for? Both show me as 1000+/100mi, and when I hit Redeem Reward on PowerDot it tells me “Congrats on completing Goal #1” though I’ve completed goal #2.

Also just finished the Rolling Road Race Specialty plan this week, but not sure what to do next. Try to hang onto the peak for another 2-3 weeks, take a week off and go back to base, or go back to build for a second fall peak and leave time off and base until the late fall? No particular events either way, but I tend to only ride the trainer from about October on.

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Wish I’d seen this thread earlier. Anyway, I completed 1,000 miles for the challenge two nights ago. I’m pretty sure that’s the most miles I’ve done in a month. :hot_face:

My effort was helped by taking a few days off from work at the beginning of the month where I was able to frontload about 300 miles. From there, I calc’ed out how many miles I needed to get per day riding 6 days/week. I didn’t really alter my schedule too much other than to make sure I hit the minimum number of miles I needed to get each day, which mostly was adding some extra endurance miles to certain days and getting some high volume on a couple of weekends. Most weekday rides were on TR/Zwift and weekends, outside.

I did give up one day of mountain biking with my wife so I could hit the road and rack up some more miles, but that was a small sacrifice! :slight_smile:

I’m glad I’m done and doubt I will attempt that again anytime soon. Still, it was a good goal to work towards in the current “no racing” environment we’re in.


Similar feelings. That was way more mileage than I usually do. W/ all the other things I have going on I’m looking forward to going back to my normal routine. It was fun and I’ll enjoy the stem cap but I’m not signing up to ride quite that much every month :slight_smile: