Anyone from 4iiii Fliiiight on here?

Hi guys - anyone from 4iiii here or anyone taken delivery of a Fliiiight over the past few days?

I just wanted to know how the shipping was going in these crazy times. I ordered mine a month or so ago (UK) and haven’t heard anything for a while.

I can get one from a UK bike store it seems so I might be best to just get that I think?

I got one last week from Rutland Cycling, unfortunately it looks as though they are out of stock now, There seems to have been a run on all trainers since the lockdown, understandable I suppose.

Did you order direct from 4iiii?

Thanks! I actually cut my losses and ordered from Rutland the day i posted here. I might have bought the last one in stock. It’s not arrived yet though…

How is it for you?

Great that you got one, certainly seems as though it is the last one in stock anywhere in the UK!

I’ve had mine a week, but annoyingly have been unable to use it! I don’t have a proper road bike at the moment, so was planning to use it with my Specialized Crosstrail hybrid.

That was a no-go because the Crosstrail has both wire bead tyres and steel pinned wheels, so it wouldn’t work with the trainer.

A folding tyre is easy, but I can’t find a wheel that will work. The 4iiii website has a list of compatible wheels, but none that will fit a hybrid hub.

I’ve used the excuse to buy a new road bike! I need one anyway, but virus related delays mean I won’t have it for a while.

Meanwhile, I have set the trainer up with a wheel to test it and it all seems to work fine.

It’s worth checking the 4iiii video on alignment. Mine was way off on the parallel aspect, but was sorted easily after watching the video.

I’ll be interested to know how you get on with yours.

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Did you ever manage to find a compatible hybrid wheel? I’ve just bought one not realising this, and only have a hybrid!