Anyone following the TCR and NC4000?

I’ve been dot-watching on and off since both events started on Saturday. The TCR contestants in particular are awe-inspiring in their ability to just stay on their bikes without significant breaks. I also find their route planning fascinating. I know some of the areas they pass through well so have a good sense of the terrain. Such a shame Fiona Kolbinger was robbed and lost so much time Transcontinental Race: Defending champion Fiona Kolbinger has purse and tracker stolen while sleeping |

Was looking through the list of TCR bike setups, massive respect for those doing it on fixed gears, as if the event wasn’t hard enough.

Fixed gears… Why would they torture themselves even more?? I was following the leader last night as he headed towards Passo di Gavia, the second parcours. To get there he needed to go via Stelvio and this after having done 400 km from Czech Rep that day…

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Many think fixed is harder than it is. But those who ride fixed over long distance love it, and don’t find it any slower than gears.