Anyone following a rolling 9 day plan?

Does anyone follow a rolling 9 day plan as opposed to the standard 7 day. As an older cyclist (53) and after reading Joe Friels book “fast after 50”. I’m seriously considering it. He talks about 3 day cycles - hard/moderate/easy with my easy being a day completely off the bike.

I’m sure I’ve heard Nate mention on the podcasts that he does this.


I saw that too in Friel’s book and thought it would be a great idea for a feature request to have variable length “weeks”.

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54 here. I’ve adopted this structure based on the mid-volume framework. Off-Hard-Easy-Hard-Off-Moderate-Easy -> Repeat. The hard days are limited in volume. So this lets me keep the general TR plan structure with of course a reduction on Saturday workout. Two intensity days a week is enough. I seem to be responding well to it but it be all the carbs I’m eating now after listening to @ambermalika.


I posted this in another thread, but I’m sincerely toying with doing something like this and trying to use TR plans as a guide vs. gospel.

My particular issue is that I’m often 4 days on, 3 days off due to business travel – and given the nature of the intensity of the workouts on the LV plans, there is no way you can stack them up back-to-back-to-back.

By the way, I’m 44. But I’ve often thought at rolling 8 day window would be better for me – regardless, I’m kind of interested in this and would be interested to hear the definition you all use for hard/moderate/easy.

So, first – here is what I’m trying to go with:

Day 1: Vo2 workout (hard) 60-75 mins
Day 2: Endurance or Recovery workout (easy) 60-75 mins
Day 3: Threshold workout (hard) – 75-90 mins
Day 4: Sweet Spot workout (moderate) – 60-75 mins
Day 5: off
Day 6: off
Day 7: off or 3 mile jog

Not exactly a rolling 9 day plan – but along the same lines.

My question is would you all use the same definition of hard/moderate/easy as me?

Easy: Endurance or recovery
Moderate: Sweet Spot
Hard: Threshold or Vo2

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I include tempo and longer volume rides as moderate.

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