Anyone ever had Hip Bursitis?

I’ve been diagnosed with hip bursitis and advised by my GP not to ride my bike.

I’ve got an appointment with my physio tomorrow morning so will see what they advise.

Has anyone ever had this? Did you keep riding?

Maybe just cutting back the intensity?

I’m due to start Traditional Base Mid Volume 1 tomorrow.


My wife had a hip bursitis whilst training for a marathon. This was somewhat complicated by a background chronic inflammatory condition.

She was given a steroid injection which helped with the pain and allowed her to get through her event but this option is only ever short term and does nothing really to deal with the main issue.

Ultimately rest is the only real solution. You can try icing it and taking anti-inflammatories as well.

True Hip bursitis is rather rare. As a bursa doesn’t inflame itself and there needs to be another structure there creating an inflammatory response at the bursa. Much more common is having low back issue that are being referred to the lateral hip. Back pain is far more common than hip pain. Your PT should rule out back pain prior to ruling in your hip.

I would second this. I was told I had a bursa issue and it turned out to be disc related, impinging on nerves causing symptoms which were similiar to bursitis. I’m wondering what a GP did to say it was bursa related, unless you have done a bunch of testing to narrow that down.

Not being skeptical but there are just some bad (or not as good) doctors. There is nothing worse than hunting for root cause, some medical professionals are far better than others. You can always ask for an ultrasound to ensure it is in fact bursa related. Once you know root cause of what the issue is treating the root cause is so much easier than guess and test. Not that I am advocating rushing to imaging as first step, but if you find that things are not progressing its always good to get confirmation through testing and imaging. I wasted 18mths guessing and testing to learn I had disc issues. As soon as that was confirmed I was immediately confirmed for surgery and pain free within 90 days.

The actual name of what I have been diagnosed with is “Greater Trochanteric Pain Syndrome”.
Previously known as trochanteric bursitis. I thought calling it Hip Bursitis would be easier lol. Pehaps not.

It affects about 1 in 300 people each year so it is pretty common.

Thanks for the information it is appreciated.

Did the physio give you any useful advice?