Anyone else notice their interval headstart is no longer the same?

It could just be me, but my Tacx Neo used to always start to ramp up about 2 seconds early for an interval and then ramp down 2 seconds before the end of an interval. It seems to me, although could totally be imagining this, but it seems now it starts to ramp right at the start of the interval and ramps down right at the end. This may sound ideal, but honestly, I liked it ramping 2 seconds early because it gave the trainer a chance to get to the target closer to the beginning of the interval, now it “feels” like the interval doesn’t start until 2 seconds after the interval has started and I also see my effort lingering 2 seconds after the interval is over. I know TR has talked about dialing in all the trainers with this regard, but I am interested if this has actually been implemented or it’s just my imagination.

I still seem to have the 2 second lead with a Kickr17, Win 10 app and ANT+.

this is from today’s workout. They all look like this, all 22 of them.

Like I said, Tacx Neo, in Erg on Windows PC.

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Com method?

Ant + using USB extenders that have the dongle about 3 feet from the trainer. And same as I’ve been using for years.

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I’m on a Tacx Neo as well and think that I have noticed this too. I have been caught out in the past with intervals starting before I was ‘ready’ and having to work hard to get the power up. I just thought that I was being more focussed and timing it well to ‘coast’ into the intervals from the recovery valley. This probably explains why I was finding it so hard to hit the last couple of seconds of the intervals in Spencer +2 today :wink:

My most recent ERG ride with any real intervals, last Saturday.

Intro to 1st int:

Exit from 1st int:

From this, I see the green line as the early send (2 sec or so) to start and end the interval, and my actual power aligns pretty well with the target blocks.

I am on the production version of the app, and latest one as of that day.

I’m finding some of the little sprint openers in North Pack, Anakchiak, hatch, all seem to be delayed. They were always on the 2 seconds late start 2 second late finish schedule. Most recent one I did the first two sprints reacted 5 seconds late and ended 2 seconds late, so definitely more lag on the front end. The third one was fine

I no longer get the head start. I switched from Mac app to beta android app so I assumed it was a work in progress thing.

Seems to be about the same as always on my Neo 2T running the latest Windows version.

What’s interesting is intervals feel like they start and stop 2-3 seconds before, but the graph looks more like a 1 second head start. This suggests there’s a slight mismatch between what is drawn on the screen and what is sent to the trainer. I swear the front end is occasionally a little out of sync, a second on the counter will seem to hang a little longer than it should, but the next is a little shorter. And before anybody asks, no this isn’t during tough Vo2Max intervals. :stuck_out_tongue:

Might be time to pull in @IvyAudrain to take a look for us.

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Okay checked with the team about this and discussed at length!

The most important thing for you to know is that we haven’t made any intentional changes on our end that would affect the behavior of his trainer. Looking at your ride logs and doing some sleuthing, heres what we know:

  1. We’re sending ERG commands 2 seconds before hand, like we should
  2. You’re experiencing a delay anyway
  3. We haven’t made any changes to the platform you’re on that would change ‘head start’ offset we give the NEO
  4. The graph you shared does show the delay you’re experiencing, but this isn’t a problem with the visual data after the workout, it’s a function of you actually experiencing a delay.

I hope that helps clear things up, that it sounds like this is a Tacx NEO issue that we may have a hard time mitigating.

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Okay, that is helpful to know. Thanks! I’ll try resetting the Neo and see if it normalizes.

I might be stretching this thread a bit to include a feature request, but I know you are working on dialing this in for all trainers. I was wondering if having the “headstart” be an editable setting might allow folks dial it in for their specific trainer. Perhaps you could have the “standard” numbers associated with each trainer to make it work “out of the box,” but picky power users can further tweak their’s to their preference.


I’ll pass that along to the team as a Feature Request for sure!

Along with restarting your Tacx Neo, may not hurt to check for a firmware update, too! Cheers.

Tacx neo 2T
No 2 sec before

The green line still shows the power target request 2 seconds ahead. It looks like Taxc have adjusted to suit complaints.

Imagine if everyone said no to early commands?

before and after

They’re both the same. The green line hasn’t moved.

neo2T problem?

I wouldn’t call it a problem as such.
I’ll check updates and see if my Neo2 does something similar tomorrow. Last time I checked the power was pretty spot on.
I did Collins+1 yesterday without paying much attention and can confirm that the resistance comes on 2 seconds early.

Asleep at the wheel on this one. You can see the cadence drop as the power comes on.